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7 things you should clarify before signing a modeling contract

It’s crucial for models to be clear and aware of what they’re signing up for, as many times models blatantly read the terms and conditions before signing, only to later realize they’re not happy with how they’re being managed by their agencies

First of all, always keep in mind that when you are in the middle of an interview or signing a contract you are obligated to ask questions. Keep in mind that it is not just an interview for you, but also to interview them and learn about the process and terms. Also, it’s not wrong to ask your agent to repeat your sentence, as you want it to be very clear. To make sure that never happens to you and your friends, here is a guide listing things and questions to clarify before signing.

  1. Model Contract Duration

  • Know how long the contract lasts.

  • Know your contract and termination clauses

  • Is it auto renewable or manual?

  • Under what circumstances will you only be allowed to terminate your contract?

  • If you want to terminate the contract, what is the process like?

  • How many days in advance should you notify them of your wish to terminate the contract?

  1. Commission rates and payments

  • What percentage will the agency deduct from the model’s earnings?

  • How are the expenses and taxes?

  • How long will it take for the agency to deliver your salary?

  1. Contract exclusivity model

  • What type of contract is available?

  • What type of contract do you offer?

  • What are the exclusive terms?

  1. Check out what happens if the agency beats you to it, and what happens if you don’t do the job well enough.

  2. If an agency abroad offers you a contract, ask for an electronic copy so you can read the terms and conditions. If you are willing to sign, ask them if they will pay your expenses (flight and stay) there.

  3. Who are your customers?

  • By knowing who your clients are, you will be able to get a rough idea of ​​the agency’s position in the market.

  1. What kind of jobs does the agency reserve for its models?

  • Learn how they manage and organize jobs for their models.

  • Ask for a rough estimate of how much the fees are for different jobs

If big reputable agencies offer you contracts, you should be fine as they have done it thousands of times, but still read the agreement carefully. It is always good to know what the agency offers you and always be one step ahead. If you’re new and offered by a boutique agency, make sure you read the agreement at least 2 times, ask questions and don’t be shy because it’s going to affect your career. Also, you don’t want to suffer for the next few years of your life because of your own recklessness. If you happen to come across something skeptical, don’t think twice or be afraid to step up and walk out the door. So remember these few important steps before you sign anything – Listen. Ask for. Clarify.

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