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A global solution begins with a personal responsibility

Whether we like it or not, we all must accept personal responsibility for the state of the world we live in now. A global responsibility that is equivalent to a social conscience and, ultimately, to a personal responsibility to generate the necessary changes to guarantee a suitable world for future generations. Packing up and walking away from the problem is not an option, and if the time ever came when a space age Ark 2 became a possibility, current human nature being what is fair to say, places would be assigned not with the intention. to save the species, but based on position, power and status. The Premier VIP class would be the order of the day, and everyone else would be dismissed as expendable and left to fend for themselves among the ruins of civilization.

If you feel like this kind of decision would never happen, just open your eyes and you will see these judgments being made every day on a global scale. Life has become a very cheap commodity unless you have power, wealth, and prosperity to protect you from the realities of life in the 21st century.

We are a human race living in a large global village that is shrinking day by day. Where once traveling great distances took weeks and months, the same journey is now completed in a matter of hours, and information takes longer to write than to travel around the world. The more technically advanced we become, the more ignorant and unconcerned we seem about the consequences of our actions and the effect they have on the planet that sustains us. Politicians, world leaders and financial power brokers are making short-term decisions to create more wealth and prosperity for themselves, decisions that will have long-term and lasting negative effects for generations to come.

The war, corruption and pollution it creates in the hearts and minds of those it touches is big business. When war generates trillions of dollars around the world, peace is worthless in the eyes of those who do not see beyond the gains to be made from the next conflict. When pollution is seen as an acceptable price for progress and the destruction of wildlife, rivers of trees and oceans are dismissed as nothing more than collateral damage, conservation is seen merely as an irritation paid lip service. for the sake of public relations. and then totally ignored and business as usual.

Division is a means to an end. It is generated and manipulated, it is created to divide influence and control. Politics, religion and wealth are the great dividers that segregate and alienate. Once we accept this belief, it is easy to convince ourselves that we have something to fear from those whom we are conditioned to believe are different from us. Color, creed, race, and religion are just a few of the many categories and stereotypes used to reinforce the belief that we have nothing in common with the people with whom we share our homes. This planet is our only home and the people with whom we share it are not neighbors that we should ignore because we think they are not our kind of people, they are our family with whom we must learn to get along if we want to secure a life and a tenure. for future generations.

Each of us has the power to make a difference, and that difference begins in our own minds and the way we think. Education is the key to change and the mind that can think for itself and has the courage to free itself from its own ignorance and fear is the greatest threat to those who seek to control the world’s resources, environment, society and the world as we know it. The individual is only powerless as long as he believes that he is, each of us can generate changes in our own lives that must then impact the lives of those around us. In a universe made up of energy, a small solitary action on our part has the power to create a ripple that has lasting effect and far-reaching consequences.

By standing up for what we believe to be right; By speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves, by helping those less fortunate, we make a difference. Every time we refuse to accept bigotry, hate and abuse, we empower others and help them stand against insidious forms of injustice. There may be times when we are a lone voice and find ourselves alone in the face of what seem like overwhelming odds, but it is in those moments that we realize what is important to us and for which we are prepared to kneel, or stand up. and be counted.

The planet we live on is the only one we have and, whether we like it or not, each and every one of us has a duty to do our bit to take care of it. A responsibility to leave it in good condition for those who will come after us, a responsibility that we cannot deny because it is our life and only we can live it. We are not being asked to become environmentalists overnight, or political activists ready to topple governments, we simply need to become more aware of the world we live in and make changes in our own lives that reflect a new level of consciousness. . We are beings of energy whose fabric is that of the universe, any change we make, no matter how small, must affect both global and universal consciousness because, in reality, there is only one conscious mind on this planet we call home, and we are her.

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