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Citronella oil benefits for children

Citronella oil is one of the most used essential oils in both aromatherapy and commercial products. Citronella with its many benefits is used commercially in preservatives, deodorants, mosquito repellants, etc. What has been kept out of the limelight are the benefits of citronella oil for children. The most extensive use of citronella oil for children is in a mosquito repellent. Various brands have created bands, patches, candles, diffusers that use citronella as an active ingredient to protect themselves from mosquitoes. Citronella is the most widely used natural mosquito repellent given its effectiveness.

Here are some lesser known benefits of citronella oil for kids

1. Mosquito repellent: Citronella works by masking the odors that mosquitoes use to locate humans. Citronella oil has a rather lemony citrus smell that mosquitoes tend to avoid. Citronella mosquito repellants include patches, bands, creams, lotions, gels, candles, diffusers, vaporizers, etc. of these, bands and heads are the most efficient. The bands and patches are easy to use, whether it is glued on the hand and ankle, glued on clothes, caps, strollers, etc. The only downside to these is the fact that they need frequent re-application. Other than that, these are by far the safest mosquito repellants for kids.

2. Antiseptic: Citronella has antiseptic properties. Sanitizes wounds and prevents infections. It is the antiseptic of Mother Nature herself. However, care should be taken with the amount and method of using citronella oil as an antiseptic for young people. Citronella, while mostly safe, can cause allergies, irritation, and itching of the skin if not used with proper caution. A few drops of citronella oil can be added to water used for cleaning wounds and also when cleaning floors to disinfect the surface.

3. Deodorant: Many children as they get older tend to have body odor problems due to hormonal changes and eating habits. Citronella is an effective natural deodorant. Children are better off staying away from alcohol and chemical laden deodorant sprays that can cause health problems. Use a couple of drops of good quality citronella essential oil in your bath water to address body odor problems naturally. Plus, it leaves kids smelling fresh citrus all day long.

4. Elevated Mood: Children tend to have gloomy days. Nothing better than spreading a few drops of citronella to elevate your mood. It is a known antidepressant. It helps children feel happier and lifts their spirits without even knowing it. It is a good way to wake children to the smell of citronella. Helps keep them more alert and active.

Citronella, while inherently safe, is still a very powerful essential oil that is absorbed into the body. Adults should exercise proper caution when considering using this oil for children, as they have delicate systems. Citronella oil when used correctly will help solve many children’s health problems. So be wise, stay informed, and don’t experiment until you’ve mastered the art of using essential oils especially for children and reap the benefits of citronella oil.

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