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Costs and benefits of AdWords certification

The Google AdWords Certification Program is a globally recognized endorsement by users of their knowledge of Google AdWords best practice tools and techniques. Certified users learn how to effectively and properly manage AdWords campaigns, but since this program ultimately benefits Google financially, some search engine optimization (SEO) specialists doubt the validity and value of the certification. To this end, we will discuss some of the costs and benefits of Google AdWords certification.


First, let’s talk about the costs associated with this certification. Obviously, Google makes money from AdWords and their Certification Program is essentially a sales pitch for people to use AdWords. Similarly, this program represents AdWords as the best and most effective method of online marketing. During certification, SEO experts are generally encouraged to use AdWords as the go-to solution, even when free techniques like social media or press releases can be just as effective and certainly more profitable. Also, there is nothing inherent in the AdWords Certification Program that teaches online marketing best practices. However, because Google is the most popular search engine in the world, AdWords is an important tool to understand when it comes to effective online marketing.


So while the nature of Google AdWords certification as a sales technique for AdWords is a worrying drawback, there are also many benefits to this certification. Obviously, we can’t underestimate the importance or power of Google when it comes to marketing a product online, but there are some other benefits as well.

  • Learning – Google and its associated tools are useful and effective for online marketing. Any effort spent learning about Google, AdWords, and other practices available to online marketing companies is a good thing. More importantly, with this certification program, you will receive training directly from Google, which is sure to enhance your SEO efforts.
  • Google affiliation – Google is a trusted global brand, and being officially certified by Google implies endorsement of your product or service. Regardless of whether you are certified as an individual or a business, you can represent yourself as a Google AdWords expert, which is likely to give potential customers a positive impression.
  • Directs – Google’s marketing tools are designed in such a way that they are interconnected. By becoming an AdWords expert, you also access important tools like Google Engage, allowing you to leverage Google for more sales leads.
  • Customer satisfaction – Your customer will also benefit from your Google AdWords experience. Ultimately, certification ensures that the expert can access and use AdWords effectively. As such, your customer knows that they can trust you to effectively manage their online marketing campaign.

Most SEO experts will gain valuable knowledge from the Google AdWords certification program. But even if this learning component isn’t motivational enough, the implicit endorsement you receive from Google is probably enough to justify certification.

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