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Definitive guide to playing Inferno Dragon

Inferno Dragon is an underrated card in Clash Royale. Here in this article, we discuss the basic information of the card and also the best tips and strategies to handle this.

Inferno Dragon is a new legendary card that has been introduced in Clash Royale. You can unlock and get access to this in PEKKA’s playhouse, namely Arena 4. Basically, it can be concluded that like Inferno Tower, it also works in a similar way. The attack mechanics of both cards are similar to each other.

It would be unwise to ignore this card under any circumstances. This card has the power to destroy your Tower in a few seconds in case you don’t use Ice Spirit, Illumination or Zap to reset the objective.

• The attack range of this card is found to be twice as short as that of Inferno Tower. Also, the movement speed of this card is very slow.

• Another important feature of this card is that the moment you set your sights on the target, you won’t be able to pursue it. The moment the target goes out of range, its Inferno Charge is interrupted. After your interruption, in the next phase, you must participate again.

Basic rules that you should know when playing Inferno Dragon

• It should never be used to defend. It can work well defending at times, but based on game trends, it’s clear that Mega Minion and Lightning Spell have the power to stop your Inferno Dragon.

• If you don’t have a reliable high DPS or splash card, never use this card. The DPS or the splash card have the ability to kill air and ground units by means of Arrows or Zap, fire spirits that are more powerful than Mega Minion.

• Your opponent’s movement can be observed and then the hard counters have to be memorized. The most popular opponents are Ice Spirit, Lightning, Zap, and Ice Wizard.

Some more useful tips

It is very important to thoroughly understand the strengths, weaknesses, abilities and tricks of this card.

First of all, the two rules must be known. It is necessary to avoid leaving the Inferno Dragon alone. It would be wise to protect this card of yours with a couple of troops and spells at all times. This should also be noted that you should not let the card face fire from the opponent and enemies. This card may not always be able to kill 1 / 2HP Giant instantly in two seconds. It is also very necessary to keep a correct record of the opponent’s cards. It is true that a sung Zap has the ability to do a lot of damage to your tower.

You should never expect to get to the Tower on the offensive. In case you are using this card while on the offensive, then there are maximum chances that your opponent will start to panic and then throw a lot of troops around him. In such situation, you can take advantage. The most preferred move in this condition is to use the fireball / predicted arrows.

Order of attack

The moves that are best recommended in circumstances where Inferno Dragon is on the offensive are listed below:

1. The first thing to do on offense is to drop the tank back. This is necessary to avoid coupling between Golem and Inferno Dragon, as Golem’s slowness would cause the Dragon to fly overhead and eventually die. Or else, this can put you low on Elixir to play Lava Hound.

2. Also, it is recommended to play support troops when behind the Giant. Aerial supports have been found to be the best strategy as they have the ability to force opponents to use their aerial strike troops which are believed to be valuable in this game. It is mandatory to support the troops and always be safe behind the tank.

3. Also, it is recommended to drop the card.

This particular strategy is very successful in x2 Elixir time as it requires at least 12-13 Elixir to work successfully.

In case the nudge you have made turns off completely, you need to keep an eye on what is happening. You need to keep track of which defensive factor is responsible for stopping the push.

Infernal Dragon in defensive mode

It is not advisable to place this card too soon. It is suggested to wait until the tank gets very close. Also, feel free to make any Elixir sacrifice to defend yourself and then pedal towards your Inferno Dragon. Also, it’s a great place for your card to get close to the King’s Tower. In such a circumstance, the opponent’s supports will make it difficult to reach.

Also, it is advisable to support this card with some Mega Minions, Bomber, Wizards or whatever is with you. Also, it is suggested to protect the Inferno Dragon from Mega Minion or Musketeers. They have the power to take down the Inferno Dragon with just a few hits.

Once the Inferno Dragon can take out the main tank, it is suggested to use the spells or the troops in case an opponent has some troops left.

The best decks to use

In case you have the Inferno Dragon and want to build the decks together with it, you can use the following pattern:

1. Main tank (Lava Hound, Giant, Golem …)

2. Main support (Baby Dragon, Mega Minion …)

3. Secondary support (Mega Minion, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Minions …)

4. Distraction and group support (Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Guards …)

5. Building (Cannon, Tombstone, Tesla)

6. Spell support (rocket, lightning)

7. Spell support (Arrows, Zap, Fireball)

Along with Inferno Dragon, you need to make sure you keep two more air target groups. Also, it is suggested to keep a Mega Minion.

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