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Designs to adopt in new kitchens

Here are some designs that you can adopt in your new kitchen:


The L-shape is created by two workspaces built against two separate walls that meet perpendicularly. These have prominent counter space and give room to incorporate an island. When an island is excluded, the kitchen looks quite spacious. This type of kitchen is versatile since you can add a dining table, with a considerable number of seats, to be able to serve meals in the kitchen alternately on certain days, to break the monotony that can be eating exclusively in the dining room.

However, this plan may not work well in large restaurants and hotels where more than one chef is needed to prepare food and beverages. Therefore, it is best for small or medium-sized kitchens. The double L kitchen layout is essentially the layout of the L shape built on the opposite side of the room, although more space is required.

To make your kitchen look more spacious, paint it bright colors like white or ivory, add a large window to let in natural light, install proper electric lighting, and panel appliances like the refrigerator and stove.


Named for its resemblance to ship and airplane kitchens, this type of kitchen is built to resemble a hallway. Cabinets, sinks, and appliances are located on either side of a long, narrow walkway. It is sometimes called a single file kitchen when there is only one wall and a two file kitchen when the cabinets are on opposite walls.

The biggest advantage is the space it gives everyone in the kitchen. It also significantly saves costs on floor space during construction. Expense is further minimized as there is no additional island or countertops.


In this type of kitchen, cabinets and appliances are fixed to three walls. The sink is at the bottom of the U when the design is viewed from above. It is usually the first area you see when you walk through the door of this type of kitchen. The points of the kitchen triangle (the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator) are all equally accessible. When mapped, the three points would form an equilateral triangle.

According to the Australian Housing Industry Association, it is the most common kitchen design plan in Australia.


The island is usually built into open plan kitchens that have plenty of floor space. It serves as a work surface, houses a sink and could also be converted into a dining area. This could save space for a dining room. It is perfectly suitable for more than cooking to use the kitchen at ease, as it can be used from all sides. When the points of the triangle meet on the plan of the kitchen, they usually form a perfect right angle, like in an L-shaped kitchen.

At the end of the day, when selecting a design for your kitchen, confirm with your architect that the standards meet the Australia/New Zealand Standard approved on behalf of the Australian Standards Council.

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