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Determining if an in-home caregiver is the right option for your family

One of the hardest things you’ll have to deal with in life is watching the strongest member of your family grow old. Over time, they will lose the ability to do things the way they used to, and when things get too difficult for them, a decision must be made as to whether to hire a caregiver in the home of an older person to lend a hand. friend.

The whole situation can be a minefield for a family because they know they feel like they are giving up on their loved one. Even more devastating is that the older family member in question may grasp the idea that they are not what they used to be and now require help. This could lead them to feel sad about their lost faculties or even angry that their family has chosen to bring a stranger to shame them at all times. There are no winners in this situation. So what is a family to do?

Well, to begin with, it is important for a family to get together and talk about things. Be sure to include the older family member who needs help because their input is still very important. When you’re all together, take turns talking about how things have changed. Don’t be afraid to bring up incidents that you have noticed that concerned you regarding your older relative. Make sure your discussions are organized and stay on topic. The last thing you want to do is introduce confusion.

Next, look at the options that exist for family members to contribute and become the Home Health Care “Dream Team” doing it all on their own without outside help. Review each other’s work schedules, highlight times when you can change other appointments and commitments, and decide how each family member’s free time can be used by taking another “shift” to help out. Ask your older relative if there is anything else to worry about about medical care. This can include trips to the grocery store, a run to the post office, and, if they have pets, making sure all vet appointments are kept. Make sure you find out who will bring all the parties to church.

It never hurts to start thinking about the cars you drive and how well equipped they are in case you need to transport a member of your family. Trucks can be a bit too tall, while two-door cars make getting in and out really difficult. You may have to do some sort of carpool co-opting for certain cars, but if it’s doable, make it happen.

Finally, as you discuss hiring a home caregiver for your older relative, silently look at each other and ask yourself how long you think you will be able to maintain this type of lifestyle. Nobody wants to say it and nobody wants to think about it, but you know the answer. How do you determine if a home caregiver is right for your family’s situation? You will know when the time is right.

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