Do you want to insure your home? Get Android app support

Mobile technology is progressing rapidly and giving its blessings to various industries. Home security is getting smarter, easier, smoother and cheaper over time using the latest improvements in the technological field. When you have a smartphone with a good internet connection in hand, overcoming many hurdles becomes very easy in today’s tech-savvy age.

Who doesn’t want better home security? With the efficient help of advancements in iOS and Android app development, maintaining home security is now even easier and effortless. There are many app development companies that can help you create and come up with such creative and unique apps. Choose the right app development company and create your own mobile app. Here is a list of some of the best apps that offer remarkable home security!

#1 Alfred Home Security Camera

A popular entry on this list is the Alfred Home Security Camera. You can reuse your old smartphones with this app. Some of the notable features of these apps are live video streaming, a good walkie-talkie feature, remote access, zoom, free cloud storage, and many other things. Most of the intriguing features of this app are available for free. However, features like HD recording are only available when you take a monthly subscription.

#2 Camera at home

This feature-rich app is available for multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Two separate apps together offer remarkable home security services. With the help of camera app your device would become a camera. Using the other app, you can monitor it. Some of the mentioned features of AtHome Camera are remote monitoring, facial recognition, multi-view camera facilities, time-lapse recording, and many more. If you want, you can also get the hardware cameras offered with the apps. The app is available for free, but not the hardware cameras!

#3 IP webcam

With some basic but crucial features, IP Webcam is a simple and easy to use app and a popular entry in this list of home security apps. Using this app your phone would become a remote camera. Live video streaming, VLC player support, motion detection, video chat support, Dropbox, FTP servers, etc. are some of the main features of IP Webcam. You can get this app without spending a single penny.

#4 WardenCam

Whether you have a WiFi connection, a 4G or 3G connection, WardenCam will work seamlessly anywhere! Support for Dropbox, Google Drive, two-way audio along with multi-camera installations, alerts and motion detection, etc. are available in the long list of features that this app offers. This app is easy to use and has a decent user interface. Interestingly, to get this app, you would not have to subscribe to the monthly charges. You only need to make a minimum one-time payment.

So, there were some of the home security apps with which you can be headache free!

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