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Doors: Understanding Passage Openings

When it comes time to replace or install an opening in a wall, such as a door, there are certain considerations that need to be taken into account from the start. It’s a good idea to have the measurements or have the door and frame already purchased, so you can rely on those measurements as you do any work.

First, if this is part of any new building project, the frame will already be exposed to facilitate the modification of the studs. This is the easiest point to cut and install any walk-through openings, doors, windows, etc. Second, when the walls are finished (drywall, plaster, paneling, etc.) there is more work to do, let alone deciding where you would like the opening to be.

Today we will talk about the installation of a pre-hung gate. They are sold in most retail centers. Starting this project with finished walls, you will need to determine where the frame is within the wall and cut through the wall to create an opening from top to bottom, left to right, slightly larger than you want. Usually on a stud span (approximately 14 1/2″ – 16″) and then reposition the stud in the correct location to receive the door frame. For added strength, the opening (any opening) will need a header, which is a joist over the opening, usually 4×4, 4×6 or larger, attached with studs, crimps, and trimmers. Kingpins run full height from bottom plate to top plate. You should see this if you opened the wall correctly. Then the 2 x 4 trimmers are the moving parts to properly wedge the door. The header sits just above the 2 x 4 trimmer, nailed to the king studs. Cripples pin themselves to the headboard and run to the top plate.

At this point, you will need to rely on the measurements of the door and frame you are installing. Note: The length of the header should be slightly longer than the width of the door frame that the door receives. Once you have the frame ready for the door frame, install the frame and door into the opening and level. You’re almost done… to wrap this up, visit the website below, for hints and tips on this topic and more…

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