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English Mastiff Breeders – 4 Questions to Ask Them

You are ready to add an English Mastiff to your family and would really like to see this happen as soon as possible; as painless as possible. I’ll be honest; If you really want an outstanding Mastiff, it may take you a little longer to find a quality English Mastiff breeder first. Once you do, you’ll be guaranteed a high-quality, healthy Mastiff companion for years to come.

If you search the web, you will find many self-proclaimed mastiff breeders, but are they really worth it? It’s nice to have a variety of breeders to choose from, but you have to rule out armor masters, so here are some tips to get you started.

1. Ask the breeder how long they have been breeding English Mastiffs

Experience is a good indicator of a breeder’s dedication to the English mastiff. He is looking for someone who has at least five years of experience; the more the better.

2. What other breeds do they breed?

If an English Mastiff breeder is serious about the breed, they will specialize. A red flag should be raised if the breeder is breeding more than three different breeds. The more specialized, the better in this case.

3. Ask the breeder about the quality of the mastiffs they breed, if they are sample quality or just for pets

You are looking for a quality pet, but this does not necessarily mean “show quality”, it could simply mean that the mastiff must come from a long line of high genetics and the best breeding standards. Any show-quality dog ​​will have offspring that do not meet the “show-quality” cutoff; this question will clarify the true goal behind the breeding.

4. Ask them about their bloodline and history of any genetic diseases.

Every breed is prone to certain diseases carried by their genetics, English Mastiffs are no exception. However, good breeders strive to breed the healthiest dogs with desirable traits. If the breeder can speak at length about the bloodline of his Mastiff puppies, then he will know that his goal is quality.

This interview can be done over the phone in 10 minutes or less. After several calls to different breeders you should be able to list the ones you want to follow up with in person and the so called English Mastiff breeders that just don’t cut it.

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