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Everything you need to know about Davenport Laroche


Davenport Laroche is a Hong Kong-based company that rents out the containers it has purchased. Giving you around 12% interest while taking 4% of the profits you make from acting as a broker. As promising as it looks and sounds, it is not trustworthy. Because when it comes to profit, low risk and high returns never go hand in hand.

Davenport Laroche Brides

They promise you low risk making sure you are not the only one in this market. Davenport Laroche is making a claim as “100% capital preservation” which is practically not possible – being able to sell your container at cost even after five years!

They inform you about the security of the investment since the value of the solid material does not fluctuate in large amounts. Pledges are made of 12% each year later, leading to increased production of around 24% per year.

How does it work?

Investing in Davenport Laroche is a bit different. You need to understand how it works in the simplest way. Consider each shipping container to be a rental property. A company helps you (investor) buy various shipping containers depending on how much you are willing to spend.

They deliver the containers to Davenport Laroche to manage the shipping containers on their behalf. The method used by a property manager to maintain a rental home. Once you have purchased as many containers as you like, you will receive a completed deed of sale paperwork in your name, stating that you are the legal rightful owner of all the containers.

These containers are then leased to major Fortune 500 companies and the government of individual countries. They constantly need these containers for their huge development plans, such as construction, infrastructure projects, and product movement.

The Davenport Laroche Business Model

They have a simple business model where they partner with giant companies and government organizations to provide shipping containers for logistics uses on a secure contract basis.

After signing a secure container agreement, you have a minimum amount of time to make your financial move. Why Davenport Laroche encourages you (the investor) to stay in close contact with your investment team so you can be alerted when the time is right to invest.

The demand for sea containers is on the rise.

The global economy is booming and markets are growing, making the demand for supply containers a never-ending necessity. To fuel this demand, they need people to invest in shipping containers.

Davenport Laroche recently signed an agreement to help build three new airports in Tibet. Such projects help the investment company to grow.

Are you investing in supply containers VS investing in cryptocurrencies or OTC stocks?

It’s like comparing oranges and apples. The two cannot be compared. Shipping containers are simple. You invest in tangible assets and collect the returns in cash monthly. At the same time, OTC cryptocurrencies and stocks have a long history of scams.

Davenport Laroche insists that you invest in a shipping container as your initial investment capital investment is preserved. They advise their investors to stay away from scams.

Why is Davenport Laroche so successful?

It is easy because of supply and demand and because they have maintained their place as a producer in the world market. Davenport Laroche knew that when they made ocean container investment an opportunity for the public, the industry would see phenomenal growth, and it has.

Davenport Laroche Scams

  • Lots of supply bin scams are going on right now, and lots of new ones popping up, but the Davenport Laroche scam is still on top and will remain for years to come.
  • The Davenport Laroche scam is very easy to understand. They promise you a fixed return of 12% on any amount invested per year, sometimes more than 24% (according to their official website).
  • They confirm that all the company’s supply containers are traceable and that the investor has full legal rights to the containers they purchase.
  • Most of them are independent trackers in various countries who act as consignees for the container owners and the money is transferred to the scammer’s account in those particular countries. Most of the accounts belong to underdeveloped countries like Cambodia, Ghana, Vietnam and Lagos.
  • Such scams are exposed when companies like Davenport Laroche use different writers to write them a fake blog or review. Their services are the best and how the company takes care of its investors, gets the best investment and fakes a lot of things.
  • They post a lot of fake reviews about the company on different forums and social media websites. A little in-depth investigation may reveal that it is fake. This is only done to attract more investors and get more investments, and people fall into this trap and invest. They end up losing a lifetime of savings to these types of scams.

Before the exhibition

The Davenport Larches website said that supply containers have a 60-year history and are the most profitable and secure source of income. It is a false statement.

If something is promoted as highly profitable and low risk at the same time, there is a high probability that it is a fraudulent practice. It is necessary to keep in mind that storage containers already have many financial backers, and it is not necessary to have individual investors to bring money to the table.

If shipping container investments were such a high-yield investment, it would be full of investors, which unfortunately it is not. Therefore, it is better not to invest in them, and if you already have, better find a good fund recovery group that can help you get your money back.

Have you been a victim of the Davenport Laroche scam?

If yes, you have been a victim of the Davenport Laroche scam. It is suggested that she contact the fund recovery agency. She can go to various law firms. They will help you no matter how much money you have lost.

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