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Fingerboard wheels with or without bearings: which is better?

Since fingerboarding broke onto the youth culture scene, big companies like Tech Deck have released pretty realistic-looking miniature scooters. Complete with beautiful graphics and cast metal trucks. Mini tires are almost identical to their full-size cousins ​​with the glaring exception of the wheel bearings.

The bearings are small metal rings that are placed inside the wheel of a skateboard, allowing it to roll smoothly. A standard fingerboard is not made with wheel bearings included. Without the bearing, the wheel simply sits directly on the truck, causing friction and slowing down the wheel. The bearings, on the other hand, are made of metal and when placed on the fretboard carriage they create a smooth motion.

Another advantage bearing wheels have over flat wheels is that on almost any surface bearing wheels roll freely with little resistance. Often times, if a surface becomes smooth, standard wheels will stop rolling altogether. This is not a problem with bearing wheels, as no matter what surface the fingerboard is on, the axles remain in contact with the bearings.

The wheel with the included bearing also creates a more realistic look. For enthusiasts trying to create the most authentic look possible with their skateboard bearings, they are a must. The wheel itself can be standard molded plastic or a variety of other materials with various colors.

The only really obvious advantage of standard bearingless wheels is cost. Custom bearing wheels can be quite expensive and can be put on hold for months. While normal wheels can be found, quit easily.

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