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Garena HON: Top 5 Agility-Type Heroes

If you need to finish an HON game before 30 minutes, you definitely need agility heroes. When it comes to agility, we rely on the speed of a hero. It just means that if our lineup was made up of 5 Agility Heroes, the game could be over quickly. In this article, we are going to reveal HON’s top 5 agility heroes. Not only are they the best agility heroes we’ve seen, but they were considered deadly and brave. Speaking of being deadly and brave, it’s up to your skills and imagination to use these heroes.

Valkyrie: Also known as “Mirana Nightshade, Priestess of the Moon” from DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), Valkyrie’s mission was to eliminate her opponents through her incredible abilities. He can jump, aim, and activate invisibility for all allies. Although she is very beautiful, you will not underestimate her speed and ability to crush enemies once and for all.

Night hound: Also known as “Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin” from DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), the Night Hound can sneak into opponents and ambush at high speed. He has the ability to launch a smoking cloud, jump, backstab his opponents, and gain permanent invisibility to himself. He was one of HON’s deadliest agility-type heroes at the end of the game. It may be a small dog, but quite dangerous for many opponents.

Mad: This Hellbourne hero can be a great threat to all enemies. Madman has mixed abilities of “Anubseran the Nerubian Weaver”, “Slithice the Naga Siren” and “Jah’rakal the Troll Warlord” (except for the Barrel Roll) that were considered dangerous to kill his enemies. Like Night Hound, Madman is a small creature but always angry at his enemies.

Explorer: This Legion hero is one of the deadliest in the end game. As Scout continues to cultivate and ambush his opponents, no one can stop him with his “lightning-fast” strike. It has the ability to be stealthy, reveal invisible units, perform critical attacks, and fire a deadly arrow at its targeted enemy. It looks like “Gondar the Bounty Hunter” from DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), but it’s a lot better.

Chronos: Also known as “Darkterror the Faceless Void” from DOTA (Defense of the Ancients), Chronos can simply ambush his opponents with the power of time. It has the ability to blink, strike, return damage, and summon a freezing sphere. Like Madman, Scout, and Night Hound, he was very lethal late in the game. When you go one-on-one with Chronos, it’s almost impossible for you to stop him with his speed and attack ability.

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