get rid of puffy nipples

The physical condition known as swollen nipples affects almost one in three men worldwide. Symptoms can begin at the onset of puberty and last into adulthood. There are many different causes behind swollen nipples, and many solutions. If you are looking for information on how to get rid of swollen nipples, it is important that you first find out what is causing your swollen nipples. Naturally, speaking to a qualified physician should be your first course of action, however, before speaking to a physician, first take a small inventory of your life and some of the possible causes of your swollen nipple so that you and your physician have a good foundation to begin your investigation.

Getting rid of swollen nipples first requires getting to the core of the problem. A man’s nipple swells due to increased fatty deposits or enlarged glands behind the nipple area. The swelling can also be caused by both. To further complicate matters, the fact that glandular tissue can be intermingled with fatty tissue makes proper diagnosis and treatment a bit more complicated.

Surgery is the most common and most expensive solution to get rid of swollen nipples. Its popularity is due to its close to 100% success rate. The most important variable in the success rate of surgery is the choice of a qualified surgeon. When choosing a surgeon to get rid of swollen nipples, be sure to look at their patients’ before and after photos. You should not only look at photos taken immediately after the operation, but also photos taken several months after the operation has been performed. This will give you a general idea of ​​the surgeon’s surgical skill and whether or not he is fully capable of making his work look natural.

With an unskilled surgeon, a patient runs the risk of their nipples having a “sunken” appearance. This is the result of poor chest sculpting. When a surgeon removes the glandular or fatty tissue behind the nipple, he must sculpt the fat and muscle around the nipple to produce a natural shape; Otherwise, the thorax is as misshapen as it was before surgery.

There are also lifestyle causes of swollen nipples. For example, bodybuilders who take steroids hoping to increase their muscle mass often find that the steroids have a side reaction in their body that causes puffy nipples. This can be corrected by surgery or by hormonal treatment. Starting with the discontinuation of steroid use.

Teenage boys are susceptible to swollen nipples due to their wildly swinging hormone levels. This is a natural occurrence that children tend to outgrow as their hormone levels become more stable. There is really no reason to treat this condition and adolescent males as it works on its own over time; and any treatment can, in fact, harm your body in the long run, since it is not yet fully developed.

There are even cases of pre-teen boys developing swollen nipples. The cause of swollen nipples in pre-adolescent boys is attributed to the use of Lavender essential oils. The exact mechanism is unknown, however it is generally accepted that lavender essential oils will cause breast development in young children; as such, it is strongly recommended that cleaning products, soaps, or household products that contain lavender scents or essential oils be avoided. Luckily, getting rid of swollen nipples caused by lavender oil is very easy; just discontinue use of lavender oil.

These are just some of the possible causes and ways to get rid of swollen nipples. If you are one of the many millions of men affected by this condition see a doctor to discuss your case. Using the above information as a guide for you and your doctor to identify the root of your problem and devise an appropriate treatment solution.

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