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Halloween Masks and Costumes

Boo! Scary creatures and monsters designed to expel evil spirits make people wear creepy masks and costumes on Halloween. Costumes and accessories can be purchased, rented, or handmade.

Halloween night can be celebrated at public functions, private parties, block parties, and in some neighborhoods, children accompanied by adults will walk around and knock on neighborhood doors announcing “Trick or Treat.”

Do you want to make your own costume? Many people find that creating and designing their own costume adds to the fun of this spooky celebration. Arts and crafts skills and talents may include sewing, ironing, safety pins, iron-on bias tape, staples, or fabric glue.

The supplies you’ll need will depend on your skills and the purpose of the costume. Costume materials may include cloth, paper, scissors, sewing machine, glue, ruler, pen or pencil, other notions, and special tools.

How to make a sexy costume

Open the drawers of your closet and dresser and check which clothes can be modified. A dress can be altered by cutting away unwanted fabric or sewing certain parts of the garment together to help emphasize or reveal your sexy or feminine curves.

How to restyle a dress for sexy appeal:

  1. Cut the neckline to reveal the neckline. The right push-up bra will give you an extra boost.
  2. Cut the neckline in a circle to create an off-the-shoulder come-hither look.
  3. Create a one shoulder, one arm dress.
  4. Get a diamond cut in the stomach area and wear an attractive naval jewel.
  5. Turn a one-piece dress into a crop top and hip skirt and use a chain to hang around a bare waist or hip line.
  6. Cut a slit in the skirt to introduce a view of legs. The cut can be lateral or frontal. If the cut is too deep, wear a sexy pair of glamorous shorts.
  7. If you’re uncomfortable being “too bare,” buy a nude cloth bodysuit or wear ballerina tights.
  8. Wear the appropriate hairstyle or wig. jewelry, gloves and 3″ high heels will complement the sexy and glamorous look.
  9. Create a beautiful face with your stockpile of personal cosmetics. This glamorous costume is for Halloween, so exaggerate your makeup. Wear long eyelashes, a lot of blush, very bright lipstick, or if you want, imitate the makeup of a famous glamorous celebrity and attend the party as her double.

Create a ghostly or fluid costume

She wears a white leotard with ballerina tights. She connects as many white, gray or dull yellow sheer curtains that fit her body and create a long, flowing dress. To create buoyancy while walking, wear your gown 2″ to 3″ above floor level.

Fold the fabric in half. Fold in half one more time. Place the tape measure at the corner of the folded corner. Mark your measurements on the edge of the dress. Cut out the bottom circle and cut around a 3″ circle at the top for the neckline.

Open the fabric, place your head in the smaller cutout that will form your neckline, and let the seamless fabric cascade and flow around your body.

If you are not sure about these instructions, make a sample on a small piece of paper to avoid making a big mistake. If you fold the fabric incorrectly, multiple cuts will occur that will require sewing. An instant substitute is a wedding dress tattoo. Use or create a skin of your choice.

headless costume

Grab an old suit and shirt or blouse from the closet or take a trip to the attic and look inside an old trunk.

Men can wear a tie or bow tie. The female may wear a scarf or tie.

You may be able to pull the suit and shirt over your head and keep them in place for as long as this costume is worn.

But if not, build a support structure out of a cardboard box that sits on the user’s shoulder. This shape must be able to support the weight of the suit shirt and jacket.

The cardboard box cutout should be able to sit on your shoulder with ease. If the box doesn’t balance, add straps that can be tied around the user’s back and chest.

The neck portion of this costume is worn above the person’s head. Make sure no hair is showing.

The tie or scarf should be fastened tightly to create the neck portion of the headless costume.

The person wearing the costume must be able to see through the shirt or blouse. Otherwise, cut holes in the shirt and create blood stains with ketchup, red water paint, food coloring, or ink from a red marker. The holes will appear to be bullet wounds.

Don’t forget to bring your pants and shoes. Details are critical.

Wear a mask or makeup

Select a skin that represents a character of interest to you. The mask can cover the eyes part of the face, 2/3 of the face or a full mask. Masks that can be purchased at party department stores will have supplies of simple eye masks, celebrities, politicians, monsters, and more.

Masks are made of cloth, plastic, foam, paper, and rubber. If you don’t want to buy, please decorate your own mask.

You can make your own mask with materials you have on hand, such as cardboard, construction paper. Or wear an everyday face cover, such as a sports protection helmet, a gas mask is very popular, or an underwater diving mask.

Men may consider removing or adding a mustache, beard, glasses, hat or headscarf, removable teeth, a cardboard box; let your imagination take over. Wear something that is out of the ordinary for your personality type.

Are you creative and love makeup?

It’s nice to have an inexpensive Halloween makeup kit on hand, but if you don’t, use brow pencils, eyeshadow tints or powders, and lipstick.

Protect your skin by applying moisturizer to your face. Use the brow pencil to draw desired marks and fill in large areas with tints of eyeshadow, blush, or lipstick.

Halloween makeup kits will include most of the paints needed for facial decoration. Or you may prefer to buy black and white face creams, artificial blood, and use personal cosmetic pencils and liners to refine marks.

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