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How To Convince Him To Stay With You – 3 Important Secrets Revealed

Convince him to stay with you: this is how

One of the most common questions women ask during relationship problems is “How can I convince him to stay with me?” It’s hard when you see that your relationship is in trouble and you want to convince him to stay with you. Sometimes it seems like there’s nothing you can do to really change her mind. Understanding the three common ways we interact with people is helpful if you want to convince them to stay with you. These three forms are:

  • Mental – What do you think of him?
  • Verbal – What do you say?
  • Physical – What do you do with it?

All of your relationships have a balance of these three elements. If you want to convince him to stay with you, consider how each of these influences your relationship with your boyfriend or husband. Here are three secrets to show you how you can change or adapt better to convince him to stay with you.

The mental secret: how they want men to be thought of

Men want to be respected and admired by women. Throughout time, the great romance stories have featured men who were heroes, did great things, and were highly respected. Men want to be respected, but they hate being disrespected, so avoid overt disrespect in your attitude towards him if you want to convince him to stay with you. He tries to make him feel like a hero, even if he’s just opening a jar of pickles for you.

The verbal secret: how they want men to talk to them

How to talk to your man to convince him to stay with you can be a bit tricky. There are men who like to talk a lot, and there are the more ‘loud and silent’ types. The truth is that it is not so much about how to talk to him, it is a matter of knowing how not to talk to him. Resist the urge to constantly remind him how you have to constantly remind him. Get the picture, stop complaining about things, and you might see a dramatic improvement in his attitude.

The physical secret: how men want to interact

Okay, this is not a big secret, but men want sex. One of the easiest ways to convince him to stay with you is to increase physical intimacy. This means that you have to start more often. Many men feel that they are the ones who always have to beg and pressure to have sex more often. Ladies, take note here: If her boyfriend or husband is always the one to initiate sex, she needs to start taking the lead and increase the frequency. This is basic, it’s simple, but it’s true. The reason most men turn off is because of a lack of physical intimacy.

Remember these 3 key areas and make the necessary changes to convince him to stay with you. Remember that men want to be respected, they don’t want to be scolded, and they definitely want more sex in their relationship. Get the balance right in these three areas and you should be able to convince him to stay with you.

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