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How to host a grown up princess party

A grown-up princess party: We’re not talking about all the Disney princess costumes here (although everyone who arrives in Cinderella princess dresses and Snow White princess dresses will be admitted) of your friends, dressed in Little Adventures princess costumes for adults too .

Think pink? A pink princess party is easy to follow. Pink tiaras and pink martinis should be provided, as well as little cookies with pink icing. Pink princess decor is easy to find, as pink creeps into most Disney princess costumes and adult princess costumes.

If a pink princess is too exuberant, there are plenty of other theme options. A Princess Ball makes the men invited to the party feel less uncomfortable about attending. Request formal attire, men can come in a suit or tuxedo and women can arrive in their best Cinderella princess dress. Lay out the red carpet at the entrance, and as an added touch, have someone in a powdered wig announce guests as they arrive. The party can continue as a regular dance, with dancing and snacks. With a Princess Cinderella party, you might also include a place to try on a “glass slipper.”

A black and white princess party puts a modern twist on a traditional girly theme. She thinks of a Snow White princess dress in black, white, and silver. She uses these colors to decorate, enhancing with white lights, candles, and dark furniture. The modernist elements of this type of party will make guests feel more comfortable with a princess theme, while allowing all of the princess-dressed adults to accessorize their Little Adventures Cinderella princess dress with a tiara.

A Disney princess theme is so childish that it can not only revive that childish spark, but it can also be fun. Have your friends pull out any Disney princess costume they have on. If you need an adult princess costume, check out brands like Little Adventures for their adult princess collection. Little Adventures makes a Cinderella princess dress and a Snow White princess dress in adult sizes, as well as other adult princess costumes. Decorate with Disney princess accessories and play Disney movie soundtracks as background music. If it’s an all-girls party and everyone is dressed in their Disney princess costumes, feel free to play a classic Disney movie and watch it with popcorn together.

Get creative with your theme and try to pick one that suits what you envision as a princess party. Does any princess in particular speak to you the most? A colour? Or a particular princess movie character? Use what relates to you the most and brainstorm ideas for the party based on that theme.

Adult princess parties might include a manicure or pedicure station, or a facial and makeup area. The tea party-sized snacks are a hit, as are the specialty drinks. Take time to reminisce, talk, and hang out with friends while you’re dressed. If there isn’t a place to dance where the party is taking place, consider renting a limo and going dancing after hosting a fancy dinner. Simple party games become more fun when everyone is dressed up in princess outfits.

With energy, excitement, and a stunning theme, you’ll be ready to throw the perfect princess party.

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