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How to plan your move to New York

New York City redefines one’s life and turns it 180 degrees. Sometimes it can seem like a desert of concrete and steel, and sometimes the city itself offers its Central Park, which feels like a free pass one has earned to survive in this harsh city. New York can be merciful and harsh on you, but I suppose one would agree that it changes you as a person for the better. Relocating to New York can be one of the best chapters in life. With thousands of communities, ethnicities, races, all genders, religions, and its many languages, New York City protects you like no other city. One of the largest financial capitals in the world, it is the most populous city in America. Proud of its status as a ‘Global Energy City’, New York primarily influences global trends related to fashion, finance, art, literature, education, commerce, technology, entertainment and much more. New York has one of the largest ports in the world and is divided into 5 boroughs, namely: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, and the Bronx. We have created the perfect relocation guide for you. We’ll see: –

Accommodation and neighborhoods: –

Although there are numerous decent and upscale neighborhoods in New York City, there are some all-encompassing localities catering to everything one would need in terms of ease of access to transportation options, quality schools and healthcare facilities, utility stores. and departmental. , general neighborhood safety, etc. Some of the best neighborhoods that score high on these parameters are Manhattan, Chelsea, Midtown East, and Gramercy.

Midtown East It is one of the most exclusive and elegant places in New York with emblematic places of the city such as Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Broadway. Here you can find amazing studio, one, two, and three bedroom apartments in Midtown East.

Manhattan: Known for being one of the most economically luxurious neighborhoods in New York, Manhattan is pure ‘city life’. Soaring skyscrapers, gourmet restaurants, popular attractions like Central Park, the New York State Library, etc. Accommodation in Manhattan can range from one, two-bedroom, to one-person studio apartments. With great value for money, a host of exclusive amenities, minutes from the subway station, these apartments will be the most practical option for you in Manhattan.

Chelsea is the neighborhood to be in if you like a more vibrant, artsy and lively neighborhood that feels closer to home. From exquisite art galleries to the best of fashion and incredible restaurants, Chelsea has a “pure life” to offer. Mostly red or brown brick or sandstone buildings amid contemporary new age architecture – Chelsea has the best service apartments that will make you feel at home instantly. With fully furnished apartments, stocked kitchens, the finest in bedroom furnishings, we live to make you feel like you’ve never left “home.”

Gramercy: This neighborhood grants ‘exclusivity’ like no other. From private resident parks, large-scale living spaces, surrounding greenery, luxury apartments, Gramercy will provide you with everything you need, so you won’t have to move out of the neighborhood for literally nothing. Luxury clothing stores, bookstores, libraries, good schools – Gramercy defines a good standard of living. Check out the amazing serviced apartments in Gramercy that will provide you with carefree living with fast maintenance, state-of-the-art amenities, modern furnishings, and unmatched ease of access to public transportation.


In terms of education, New York City has some of the best elementary and middle schools and also institutes for advanced learning. New York’s education system is actually the largest in the entire United States with over 1,600 elementary and high schools. It also has several specialized high schools for gifted students. The city also has 120 institutes of higher education and some of the most recognized institutions that receive the largest number of students from around the world are Columbia University, Barnard College, New York University and The Juilliard School.

Health care: –

In terms of public health care, New York City has the largest municipal health care system in the world. It has 11 acute or intensive care hospitals, 5 nursing homes, 6 major diagnostic and treatment centers and more than 70 community health care centers for the working class and economically disadvantaged sectors of society. The most reputable hospital in this municipality is the Bellevue Hospital, where you can go for a general and specialized diagnosis and also for subsequent treatment and emergencies.


New York also has one of the best and most extensive transportation systems in the world with multiple modes of public transportation. Some of the main modes of public transportation are: New York City Subway, which is the largest rapid transit system in the world, City Buses, which is the largest in North America, Staten Island Ferry, which is also the boasts of being the busiest ferry system in the world, and the Yellow Taxis that run more than 12,000 cars in the city.

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