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My Favorite Movies Starring Denzel Washington

When it comes to movies, one of my favorite actors working today is hands down Denzel Washington. Everything about the guy is likable, and with his high level of talent, it’s no wonder that in the last two decades he’s become one of the best actors working in Hollywood.

Here is a list of my 5 favorite movies starring Denzel Washington.

I’ll start with his 1989 classic, Glory. In Glory, Denzel plays Private Trip, a member of the First Union Volunteer Army during the Civil War. This is an absolutely amazing movie.

Another great Denzel Washington movie is the Spike Lee-directed drama He Got Game. This movie also stars the great Ray Allen as Jesus Shuttlesworth, who also happens to be a great basketball player. If you’re a fan of Spike Lee or basketball movies (or both), you have to watch He Got Game.

While it certainly didn’t receive critical acclaim, one film that I thoroughly enjoyed was The Bone Collector. Mr. Washington plays a detective in this movie on the hunt for a gruesome serial killer, who (as the title suggests) collects bones from his victims.

In Man On Fire, Denzel Washington plays John W. Creasy, the bodyguard of an American girl who falls apart in the underworld of Mexico when she is kidnapped. Loosely based on a true story, this film also stars the incredibly talented Dakota Fanning and is directed by Denzel Washington’s long-time collaborator Tony Scott.

I would indulge in a list of Denzel’s movies without mentioning one of his most memorable roles, none other than coach Herman Boone in the Disney football movie Remember The Titans.

Hopefully, there are one or more movies on this list that you haven’t seen yet.

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