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New State Law Would Make Electric Citi Bike Hit-And-Runs Serious

Make Electric Citi Bike Hit-And-Runs Serious

A new bill aims to make e-bike hit-and-runs more serious. New York State Senator Liz Krueger represents the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and she introduced the bill to increase penalties for people who leave the scene of an accident with an electric bike. While many riders are against the bill, e-bikes are a perfectly safe way to commute.

The bill is designed to protect cyclists and pedestrians, but it unfairly lumps pedal-assist bikes together with throttle-powered e-bikes. As a result, Citi Bike claims electric bikes are equally safe. The senator responded by stating that it’s not OK for someone to hurt another human being and that she supports improving bicycle infrastructure. If the legislation is passed, electric bikes will be legalized in the city.

In Brooklyn, a van driver recently struck a cyclist riding an electric bicycle in a crosswalk. The driver tried to flee the scene, but witnesses held him until police arrived. The 42-year-old cyclist was transported to a hospital, where he died. The green Audi SUV driver was stopped and remained at the scene. The driver of the electric bike was not charged with a crime.

Despite the recent ban on e-bikes, it is unlikely to be enforced. In fact, the law would move e-bikes onto sidewalks, where regular bicycles already ride. This is illegal under existing law, and it will make riding an electric bike even more dangerous. The e-bike ban is also unenforceable, as regular bike riders have been doing it for years.

NYC e-bike Injury laws

A personal injury lawsuit may be the only avenue to recover compensation for damages. A qualified injury lawyer can help you determine who is at fault, and file a lawsuit on your behalf. If the electric bike rider was injured or died, they may be able to seek financial compensation for their suffering. A personal injury lawyer can guide you through the complicated legal process. This is an important step to take if you were injured by an electric bike accident.

New State Law Would Make Electric Citi Bike Hit-And-Runs Serious

Ultimately, this new state law could hurt the growth of electric bicycles as low-carbon personal transportation. This law only affects one route in the city, so enforcement could discourage some people from purchasing an e-bike. Furthermore, the ban would add an element of uncertainty and stigmatize a technology that is increasingly popular. These factors are enough to deter e-bike ownership and use.

In addition to their blatant disregard for pedestrians and cyclists, electric bikes are often not compatible with sidewalks. Not only do they create an eyesore in the city, but they can also be a distraction to pedestrians, hikers, and other trail users. Despite their supposed benefits, electric bikes can be dangerous everywhere. And while some cities have banned them, other cities have also taken action to ban them.

While the new law will be implemented gradually, it is not too early to ask if e-scooters will be legal in the city. In the meantime, the New York Times reported that three pedestrians have already been killed by e-bike riders. In addition, an actress named Lisa Banes was killed by a hit-and-run electric scooter rider on the Upper West Side. While these accidents are not commonplace, electric scooter usage is a growing problem in the city. Large potholes and reckless drivers are two of the most common challenges that users face.

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