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Searching for a defense attorney

If you watch a lot of TV, chances are you’ve seen a show where someone gets arrested and reads about their Miranda rights. Included in these is the right to an attorney, even if the court has to appoint one. This is a very important right in our country and if you are arrested in San Antonio, guilty or innocent, you will need to find and hire a San Antonio defense attorney.

Granted, it would be wonderful if every attorney was as talented as the fictional Ben Matlock or Perry Mason, however, in reality, all attorneys differ in talent, perseverance, and overall passion for the law and defending the rights of criminals. American citizens. Whether their client is guilty or innocent, a defense attorney must not only have the skills to build a strong defense for their client, but also be able to present that case effectively at trial. Unfortunately, some attorneys are simply more skilled and successful than others.

When looking for a good attorney in San Antonio, the best way to get a good idea of ​​a lawyer’s qualifications is to take a look at their background. For example, read about his previous case results and determine if this attorney wins or loses more cases. Pay special attention to cases that are most similar to yours. Some attorneys with exceptionally high win/loss ratios and well-known reputations may charge more for their services, especially if the attorney uses public advertising such as radio and television commercials. But regardless of the attorney’s price range, it’s important that you choose proper representation rather than trying to represent yourself at trial, especially if it involves a criminal offense.

In jail, you are likely to meet many different people from different backgrounds. Talk to some of them about who they have as attorneys. This will help you decide on the best San Antonio criminal defense attorney for your case and will increase your chances of being released or receiving less than the maximum sentence for the crime you are accused of committing.

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