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Secrets of Self-Hypnosis to Master Seduction and Destroy Approach Anxiety Forever

Once upon a time there were not many people on planet Earth. Now there are seven billion. That’s a lot. Clearly, people are pretty good at making other people. This means that people are pretty good at having sex. You could say that having sex with each other is one of the most natural things a person can do.

There is even plenty of scientific evidence showing that the main reason for our developing language is to make it easier for men to have sex. Now this seems like a crazy marketing gimmick, but the guys who could communicate better were better at finding partners.

This meant that over time, having good communication skills was evolutionarily beneficial. So the development of language was, at least in part, driven to its current levels by men using language to have sex.

What does this all mean? That getting ugly is natural. Meeting girls, talking to them and taking them to bed is natural. You really don’t need to learn any special seduction or persuasion skills.

You just have to undo those fears you may have. You have to recover your natural heritage of being able to approach any girl and start talking to her as if she was one of your friends.

How do you do this? By taking the time to imagine success. When you program your brain for success, you’ll begin to expect it. Like buying a green car and then suddenly realizing that there are green cars everywhere.

If you are afraid, your brain will naturally move towards feelings of fear. But when you practice success, in your imagination, it will destroy those fears and make talking to girls seem natural.

There is plenty of data to back this up. Basketball players who only imagined practicing free throws improve their real free throws. World class athletes commonly practice in their minds.

When you practice seduction in your mind, it will become natural. Most guys focus on the outside game. They memorize language patterns, openers, gambits, and other ways to impress her. But they neglect the inner game.

The secret to success is that with a strong enough internal game, the external game will take care of itself. The more time you spend imagining success, the sooner success will come. All that is needed is ten or twenty minutes a day of focused imagination.

Think about walking up to girls, seeing them smile, and walking away with their phone numbers and a good feeling. The more you practice this in your mind, the sooner it will happen in the outside world.

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