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Seven Ways Reading Affects Writing

1. Readers understand the words

Readers understand words because they have read how sentences and words fit together, the order of a sentence, and the placement of words. They understand sentences because they have seen these words and similar sentences before. Then they can use them in writing or compose similar ones.

2. Readers understand the structure of the language.

Readers have seen the structure so many times that they can easily understand how to build great sentences. You can see that writers use different types of sentences to make Writing more interesting, like starting with a question. The author then proceeds to answer it. A variety of sentences like Declarative, Interrogative, Imperative, and Exclamation make Writing much more enjoyable to read. Readers also see that some sentences are long and some are shorter. By varying the length of the sentence, you keep the writing more alive.

3. Readers understand grammar

Good grammar only makes sense to readers. They know how the different parts of the speech should fit together. For example: they know in the sentence “The boy rides his bicycle”, that he rides with only one subject noun. Therefore, they understand subject-verb agreement. Understanding good grammar can really help the reader to write. They are much more capable of writing complex and simple sentences.

4. Readers understand the writer’s thoughts.

Good readers understand the writer’s thoughts because they have read and thought together with the authors. This helps them write their own compositions. This is a great advantage in writing. When you read, you follow the author’s line of thought. It’s so natural.

5. Readers have a great vocabulary

Due to their great reading, readers have a great vocabulary. This will certainly help in writing. They will use a variety of words, not the same old ones. I have a cousin who was a wonderful reader. When he wrote his thesis for his doctorate, the words he used were so big and long that a dictionary was needed to look them up. He always beat everyone at Scrabble when he was little, even the grown-ups. No one could get over it. His vocabulary was extensive.

6. Readers know how to make their writing interesting and exciting.

Readers read. They know they don’t like to read “boring” books or articles. They can see how authors use words to paint pictures to make it more interesting and exciting. Redundancy is poor writing and writers should steer clear of it. Good readers are generally good writers. They go hand in hand. One complements the other.

7. Readers can use creative ways to make people want to read what they wrote.

Finally, I would say that good readers can make your writing creative. People want to read it. It would be a book that you cannot put down. You just want to keep reading it to the end. It is like a bait for a fish. I thought The Shack was like that. He had a great story, the kind that would interest a lot of people. A good reader can do that. I loved when my students were creative in writing. Sometimes he would put a sentence or part of a sentence on the board. It was great to see her creativity using that sentence and making an adventure story out of it.

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