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Sports arbitration: how it really works

Sports refereeing has been a very fun hobby for me that turned into a full time income. With so much information readily available online, someone wanting to learn about it can get really confused. Therefore, I will show you how it actually works.

electronic wallets

The 3 most popular are Money Bookers, e-Gold and Neteller. These are used to transfer money from your bank or credit card to your betting accounts. You need to set up accounts with them. Neteller no longer allows US citizens to get an account, so if you are from the US you can still use Money Bookers and e-Gold.

sports betting houses

Bookmakers are also known as bookmakers or sportsbooks. They allow you to place bets online with them and they work like a casino. Some UK bookmakers include Bet Internet, Bet UK, Blue Square, Lad Brokes, Paddy Power. Some American sportsbooks include 5 Dimes, Bet Cris, Bet Ed, Bet Online, Bet Jamaica.

alert services

Instead of trying to find transactions manually, you can use alert services. They usually send you email alerts in real time. Some services can even send you mobile phone alerts. Good services are not usually cheap, however, they usually end up paying for themselves in a short time.

arbitration process

Now that you have a good idea of ​​the 3 main components of the arbitration system, here is a brief overview of the entire process.

  • Open electronic wallet accounts.
  • Open bookmaker accounts.
  • Use the alert service.
  • Receive alerts about operations.
  • Go make bets online.
  • Earn money.

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