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The audacity of the republican party

As America sinks beneath the waves into darkness, the rest of the world watches the antics of one man’s desperation. The Trump Administration from day one has played out like a never-ending bad soap opera. The tirades, the utter disregard for the truth, and the sheer audacity of their behavior have made this nation realize that as a society, we have succumbed to a much lower standard of acceptable behavior. When over 70 million actually voted for Donald Trump it is a high point for America’s decline.

Who is to blame for the last four years of very bad reality television? The complacency, the total disregard for civility during this pandemic and even before reflects the pathetic, insensitive and unapologetic nature of the Republican parties to the public welfare at large. So-called blind allegiance to the Trump Administration has greatly reduced this country’s ability to slow down this deadliest pandemic and, in fact, stimulate real, authentic economic growth for all Americans. When we consider these factors therein lies the great transvestite of America today.

It is still within our capacity as a society to correct the imbalances that exist today. Imbalances created by the government. We have to remember that when the government becomes obsessed with power, it always produces policies that accelerate that power toward control. And, through control, they in turn gain more power and wealth at the public’s expense. A public that now serves the government.

If this nation is ever to regain its ability to rise above the ashes of tyranny where we have a government that truly serves the people, we the people must overcome our complacency and strive to educate about the ramifications of the status quo. and we will do to our society if we choose to do nothing. So far we have chosen to ignore the Jefferson Prophecy. It is our right to change the power structure that exists in our government and return it to the people. That old saying “If there is a will, there is a way”. This applies applies here today.

The sheer audacity of Trump and the Republicans in ignoring public outcry during this time of global crisis demonstrates once again their contempt for millions of Americans. This writer can think of no other way to describe his blindness to the plight of not only what this pandemic is doing to our country, but also the economic devastation that is befalling millions. Millions, who cry out for any financial and economic help only to be ignored. The proof is his unwillingness to extend the Stimulus Bill and other economic relief to offset the financial and economic devastation that was already spreading across the country even before the pandemic hit.

What this past election establishes is that we have to bridge the extremes that exist today. It is these bridges that are exasperating the storms that devastate the country. It is quite obvious that the Trump Administration and the Republicans are too engrossed in their own agendas. Agendas that are only widening the great gaps that exist today. If President-elect Biden can use the power of the presidency and lay out a definitive blueprint for direction for this nation, something no president has done since John Kennedy used the Ten Articles of Confederation of National Economic Reform as a blueprint, perhaps The United States States can finally rid themselves of the albatross of a self-serving bureaucracy that has kept the public in thrall to our own government.

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