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The benefit of newsletter subscription for your blog and website

A good blog is a blog that regularly sends updates to its reader. Before reading this post, please think and answer these questions with your own.

  1. Do you have a list of your readers?
  2. Do you update your readers about your new post?
  3. Do you think social media is a better way to promote your publication than email?
  4. Do you think email is dead or has become antiquated now?
  5. Do you think nobody pays attention to email?

If you think that email is dead!! than you are far behind the truth. A survey reveals that post traffic increases by up to 25% for those who use Newsletter in blog subscription. You are missing out on one of the best tools if you are not already using the newsletter subscription.

What is the blog newsletter?
First of all let me explain what the Newsletter blog is. A blog email newsletter is one of the ways to keep your readers up to date with your blog post. Your readers subscribe to your blog content. It is one of the best ways for the blogging community to send the updated post to your subscriber.

The format of the newsletter can be title, abstract or link(s) to your publication. Some bloggers send their newsletter once or twice a month. Others may send email irregularly – immediately send the email on post post.


  • The frequency rate of the emails should suit you and your readers.

Don’s sends out a daily newsletter if you want a weekly newsletter. Send what you can manage comfortably. But if you can only manage one month, make it a monthly newsletter. There is no point in sending one a weekly newsletter.

  • The frequency of the newsletter should not be too infrequent.

If you don’t send an email for six months, many readers (especially those who just joined) will forget who you are. They can even mark your emails as spam, which can have a serious impact on their delivery.

Why Newsletter Subscription Is So Important For Your Website

#1: Emails Give You Control Over Your Own Traffic
A great list of email subscribers can easily help your website to generate traffic. Your website or blog can generate a lot of traffic just by sending a few emails per month. Which is actually much better than the paid campaign. Social media can’t help as only a fraction of your followers actually see your post. In order to reach your desired amount of audience, you need to boost your post, which really costs you a fair amount.

If you assume that only 25% of your target audience can see your post, you can still drive good traffic to your blog. MOVE ALONG!!

#2: Emails are a great way to build relationships with your reader
There is a big difference between social media posting and newsletter posting, which is PERSONAL FEELING. Your social media feed does not greet your reader. But the emails feel personal, as you personalize each and every letter that makes up the salutation and personal name in the body of the email.

Personalized email has the potential to create a stronger bond between you and your reader. You can answer the personal queries of your readers.

#3: Help you make good money by monetizing your blog
If you read you write!!! A good selection of niche topics and traffic helps you earn well. It helps you generate leads for your product and services through newsletter subscription. In addition to promoting your post, you can also promote some businesses and earn money.

#4: Email Reader Redirection To Your Other Social Media Pages
If you have a specific niche blog, direct your newsletter subscriber to your social media pages. Newsletter is a good way to create a long-term relationship between you and your reader. Once you build that, you can promote everything related to your products and services.

#5: Target Almost Every Group of Readers
The update on your publication goes to everyone who has subscribed to your newsletter via RSS or email. You can differentiate them in a separate category. You can make a list of subscribers for each category. This can help you avoid sending too many promotional messages to the same people. It also avoids sending irrelevant topics to the reader that they are not interested in.

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