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Tips for Starting Your Own Diaper Cake Business

If you are a stay at home mom and looking to earn some extra money, why not start a diaper cake business? A diaper cake is a popular theme at baby showers today. They make the centerpiece at baby showers along with the baby shower cake. In the past, they used to have simple designs but now they have evolved and some look like a piece of art. They can be made in many different ways and can be embellished with baby products and clothes. Its appearance will depend entirely on you and your design skills.

The first step in creating a diaper cake business is to hone your cake-making skills. There are several different ways to make one. Some people use a wooden dowel for the center and others use baby bottles. A circle of cake is used for the base of the cake. The next step in making the cake is to figure out what classic designs you’re going to use. Some popular classics are Winnie the Pooh, Disney, children’s characters and more.

To start and grow a diaper cake business, you need to find suppliers for your products so you can get what you want in bulk. A tax ID is normally required in order to obtain wholesale products. You can also use nearby retail stores to find your products and online stores that sell products in bulk. Sometimes you can buy items cheaply on Amazon.

The biggest expense to run a business like this would be diapers. Store brand diapers are cheaper, but your customers would generally like to have brand name diapers on their cakes. If you buy your diapers in bulk from stores like Sam’s Club or Costco, you can save a lot of money.

Prices, shipping and sale

To correct the price of your diaper cakes, you need to create a spreadsheet to compute all of your costs. You need to know how much money you can make from each diaper cake before you sell them. Also sell them at a reasonable price so you can account for the cost of labor. Look at other companies that sell them so you can match their prices and sell them at a cheaper price. But you don’t want to price your diaper cakes too low and then be perceived as selling a lower-quality product.

Shipping can be a challenge because the box will be irregular in shape. Non-standard size boxes typically command higher prices for shipping. You also have to find places where you can sell your diaper cakes. I recommend local baby boutiques, gift shops, eBay, and even Etsy. Where you sell your gifts is up to you. Many companies’ website is a great way for your customer to learn more about you.

Starting a diaper cake business has many advantages, especially if you are a stay at home mom. You can take care of your children and earn some extra money. It is also a business that allows people to get to know your creative side.

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