Unleash the hinge of jealousy – Relax your creativity – Feel better and improve your self-esteem

Unleash the hinge of jealousy that binds you. Unleash your creativity, you will feel better and you will improve your self-esteem knowing that you are the best version of yourself. No one’s opinion of your work or value is more important than what you think of yourself!

I can remember a time back in my small Texas town when you were really discouraged from doing anything other than grainy or artistic. – Are not the two one in the same?

Growing up with nearly half a dozen other children, relatives, and extended family members around was fun, albeit very stressful and competitive.

There was really no reason to be competitive when you are selective about how you engage your daily habits, traits, or competencies.

Children are often discouraged from doing things that come naturally to them and these things can be as simple as wanting to explore and discover their differences compared to others compared to their similarities.

Growing up with a different mindset, trying to fit in in a group environment, is never easy or without challenges. Some normal challenges and some abnormal, invasive, or often spontaneous challenges are not acceptable and must be addressed at all levels.

How many of us have been held back simply by the threatening and condescending spirit of restlessness and greed that we are exposed to and experience for no purpose or constructive reason? You guessed it, JEALOUS! You’re being yourself and other people can’t handle what you’re doing when you’re being yourself, being happy, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, some people are uncomfortable with you being comfortable in your own skin.

You were painting with all your heart and you made the mistake of disclosing your work to family or friends and instead of receiving encouragement, you received negative and inappropriate comments about how much time you spend on your artwork. Or, let’s say you created a wonderful display of cookies and cakes and arranged your baked goods on beautiful, colorful, exotic dishes to share with friends and family only to be chided for baking sugary treats for them, without caring about their sugar intake.

They call you a temptress, instead of a talented baker. Oh, but wait, they also insulted your license plates for being of foreign origin and for your lack of support for the need to make, buy, or appreciate American products built by American industries. ALL of these events and occasions are NOT grounds for bargaining, reprimanding, or humiliation.

NO! These beautiful and heartfelt contributions are gifts made or created as an outward expression of your unique, innate inner creative imagination. The creations of your mind manifest from feeling and thought in three-dimensional reality. {Standing applause!} Wow, you are an amazing and innovative human being!

Realize when you’ve had enough discouragement and decide that living your life and being committed RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to undo the ropes of jealousy that have bound you for far too long.

Unleash your ability to design your creations and set the planet in a glow from your created innovations and watch him create more and more mind-blowing masterpieces!

Enhance or hone your talents and skills and see how better you feel as you initiate MORE self-appreciation. You exude wonderful self-esteem and that is something the egoist cannot take away from you or me.

Self esteem isn’t bad, it’s what gives you and me motivation, a great work ethic, and hones our remarkable, marketable, supportive way of achieving goals and being phenomenal, proactive, successful human beings.

Your self-esteem contributes to humanity, raises yours and the collective/connective vibration and invites a greater exchange of energy.

You are energetically unleashing your potential by showing how highly you value your efforts and learning that you deserve the praise that follows.

Having a noose of jealousy around your neck only serves to deceive others about how truly powerful you are. Reject jealousy and its harmful energy, don’t let someone else’s low self-esteem inhibit your ability to shine. By giving your best to every endeavor and achievement, you will create a positive trajectory, at least while you are on this plane of existence. Pay no attention to jealous people, actions or vibes.

It’s like tying your own hand behind your own back. Release that rope of jealousy that binds you!

Jealousy is a corrosive and destructive energy that does not belong to you and has never belonged to you and it is up to you to reveal and redeem the wonderful person that you are and the many gifts that have been hijacked, tricked, hidden, repackaged or copied to appease those who do not. they deserve it. Or raving fools who can never compare to you!

It’s time to get real with yourself!

If no one gives you the appreciation and encouragement you deserve, then it’s up to you to do it yourself!

Take photos of your cookie or cake display and enjoy looking at your own hard work, if only for your own benefit.

Let your own soul shine with encouragement and pride in a job that took your time, effort, money, or innate ability or courageous talent.

Be true to yourself by simply being you.

Do what you love to do and be the best at what you love to do the most!

You are a wonderful, unique, talented person, and simply put: Yahweh broke the mold after he created you, so you and everything you do is one of a kind, one of a kind, and amazing to say the least!

When we enjoy doing something artistic or creative and other people can’t handle our differences, and worse, start trying to bring you down, it’s just their problem and not yours.

Don’t shut down and seal the doors of your own creativity to appease anyone, not even friends, co-workers, bullies, plagiarists, or family members. They need to create their own light and make it shine and not dim the glow of yours. JUST SAYING, and that’s my two cents for the day!

**I enjoy learning from you and others offering me knowledge continuously!

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