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Watch out for signs of a heart attack

Most of the time, he tends to take the occasional chest squeeze seriously because, according to social notion, he believes it can lead to cardiac arrest. And this is where you go wrong. Not all heart problems occur in the chest, there may also be other alarming symptoms in other parts of your body, which are directly related to your heart, especially if you are overweight, have diabetes, have high cholesterol or have high blood pressure. This article lists four issues you should be aware of to keep heart-related problems at bay. Keep reading!

Upset stomach, nausea, and indigestion

If you have been feeling sick to your stomach for a long period of time and have regular heartburn, the symptoms require immediate medical attention! Belching, vomiting, and persistent discomfort in the abdomen can also trigger a heart attack. These are the least typical symptoms of a heart attack, and women are more likely to report such cases. A stabbing pain in the upper or middle abdomen for more than a few minutes can trigger a heart attack without even giving you a chance to guess what it’s like to be hit by a chronic ailment.


Feeling dizzy and lightheaded is another disturbing symptom related to heart problems. What about feeling fake? These cases usually occur when the blood supply to the brain has been reduced to the lowest possible level. But it doesn’t matter to him that it happened because his heart rhythm is abnormal, that his heart can’t pump blood properly, perhaps due to a narrowed valve or a rapid but temporary drop in blood pressure. A feeling of restlessness or dizziness when standing up too quickly all indicate that your heart is on the brink of failure and you need to see a cardiologist soon.

unexplained weakness

Do you get tired easily when doing simple tasks of the day? Does your body give up even when doing activities that you used to love? All this requires the attention of a cardiologist immediately! Difficulty performing everyday tasks, such as climbing stairs, walking, carrying food, indicates heart failure. Increasing fatigue is the result of weak muscles and tissues that cannot function well because the heart’s blood-pumping ability has been reduced.

Cough that produces white or pink mucus

A prolonged cough that produces pink or white mucus is directly related to heart problems. Coughing up foamy mucus indicates that you are running short on life as your heart is rapidly getting worse. However, this happens in the case of sudden heart failures that cause fluid to build up in the lungs, eventually leading to shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, and coughing from time to time. Most patients die from congestive heart attacks due to ignorance. Therefore, it is very important to contact a cardiologist immediately after coughing up pink mucus.

to wrap

If you have noticed some unusual changes in your body, feel choked or are in an uncomfortable state, it is time to contact a specialist. If you are diagnosed with heart failure that is not very easy to fix, there are only a few simple lifestyle changes you can make to reduce your risks in the future.

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