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What type of buildings require a fire authorization certificate or FIRE NOC

With the impact of modernization and the changing need of the society, there is a curving trend of high-rise buildings in India. The objective is not only restricted to the residential purpose but also extends to business, communities and even services. Since the last decade, there is a tremendous growth in the real estate industry and now fully occupied high-rise buildings or multiplexes can be witnessed in the urban cities of India.

Buildings over 15 meters are called high-rise buildings that are in the form of shopping malls, hospitals, apartments, and multiplexes. Unfortunately, there have been some major accidents in such buildings that are whistleblowers to advocate for an accident-free environment. To ensure security, the Government has provided provisions to shield itself with the latest Right to Information regulations. There are also amendments in the factories act of 1948 that prescribes provisions related to the dangerous process. Consequently, all types of high-rise buildings must have a Fire Clearance Certificate or FIRE NOC.

What is FIRE NOC or Fire Clarification Certificate?

FIRE NOC or Fire Authorization Certificate is a Certificate of No Objection indicating that the building is designed in accordance with the rules and regulations that a high-rise building must have to avoid dangerous accidents. It is issued by the fire brigade of the respective state before the construction of the building. The building authority requests the FIRE NOC prior to construction by attaching the appropriate construction plan. The construction plan must have complete details, including structure, stair design, electric power supply, elevator design, open space, fire escape, raw material, layout, and also must foresee:

1. Fire safety measures, fire extinguishers and fire evacuation measures to be incorporated into the building.

2. Minimize the spread and intensity of Fire within the building and any other buildings.

3. Control the generation or spread of smoke to the extent possible.

4. The implementation of the device that can detect the Fire and can warn the occupants or the user.

5. Immediate access to the device to control Rising Fire.

6. The design must be designed by the registered architect.

NOC OF FIRE for hospitals:

The government provided comprehensive instructions in ‘part 4’ of the Indian National Building Code-2005, “Fire and Life Safety” for fire prevention and fire safety of hospital building. A hospital construction plan should instill the following NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) Fire Prevention Hospital Engineering Service Provision.

NABH provisions for hospital fire precautions:

• There must be an approval for the installation of fire extinguishing devices.

• Easy access to the location of the control room.

• The control panel must be connected to a fire detection or alarm system.

• Availability of the pump rooms including the electric ones as well as the diesel room.

• Arrangements for the presentation of Fire Tenders.

• In an emergency, there must be a 4-way Fire input.

• Forced ventilation

• Easy access to fire resistant tanks

• A fire drill should be held.

• Adequate availability of patio and break fire hydrants and they must be in a strategic location.

• 2-way fire heads.

• Hose reels and landing hydrants

• Wet elevator system

• First aid equipment must be in good condition.

• There must be provision for an escape route and an emergency exit.

• An automatic device for smoke or heat detectors.

• Fire alarm system and fire extinguishers

Regulation according to the National Building Code 2005:

1. All high-rise buildings must have a Fire NOC according to the zoning regulations of the respective jurisdiction.

2. The road must be more than 12 meters wide, especially the hydraulic platform and turntable ladder.

3. The size of the entrance should not be less than 6 meters or 5 meters.

4. A minimum of 40% of the users or occupants must be trained to perform the proper operations of the fire safety devices or evacuation system.

5. There must be adequate open space and emergency exit stairs on the exterior wall of the building in addition to the normal stairs.

6. It must be closed with two-hour fire-resistance smoke-proof swing doors at the entrance to the lobby.

How to apply for a fire clearance certificate:

The pre-formatted application form along with the business plan and documents must be submitted to the Fire Department of the respective state. The request must be duly stamped and signed by the civil engineer or authorized authority. You must include the complete address of the site and all the provisions mentioned above in the business plan, as well as the documents. Today, many states accept online application forms, but the attachments will be the same. The Fire NOC issuance process is exempt from fees.

Required documents:

1. 2 sets of construction plans authorized by the Construction Authority.

2. Model of the building.

3. Complete plan of the building and surroundings.

4. Complete plan of the building with the obligatory data mentioned above.

5. The checklist must be certified by the authority.

Period of time required for the issuance of FIRE NOC:

If the application is completed correctly with the exact business plan, it normally takes 4 weeks to issue the Fire Department Fire Clearance Certificate.

Is the fire NOC valid?

Under Rule 35, Fire NOC is valid for 5 years for residential buildings and 3 years for non-residential buildings.

All users are strongly advised to strictly follow the provisions and procedures, not only on paper but in practice. Fire safety and precaution is one of the important factors that everyone in the hospital industry is concerned about. The primary goal of fire safety design is to ensure life safety, continuous operation, and adequate protection.

Note: The list of documents and processes may vary depending on state regulations.

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