Whiting New Jersey feeds water to aliens on Mars; Read all about it!

He was walking on the foundations of the old hotel near Docspond. You know the ones Piney burned in the late sixties. Ah, you know, I saw you in the hidden woods when it was on fire with your ax in hand and the helmet you struggled to keep slipping over your eyes. But that is years ago and neither is heard nor exists. But you want to know a bigger secret that I found out that the local fire company burning the nudist in town. MY B.

Yes, that’s right, MIB. Yeah. I found one of those mind blotting things. You might think I’m a little crazy, but I sure did find one. Marked “United States Government Property”. Very good, it’s a little rusty and one end is missing, but the piece that slides up and off the shaft is still intact.

Now Officially, it was first cleared and established as an iron forge and a site for swamp mining in the 19th century. Gone are the glory days when the swamps provided the devil pills for the Revolutionary War, but no less viable. The hotel was originally built to house employees in this industrial city. On three plots, an industrious young man even grew produce to feed these forge men. Until 1944, being abandoned for years, until that time, Miss Jeanie Epolito was forced to sell when the county foreclosed on all Manchester Land Companies properties for tax evasion. That’s when Mr. Giovanni Enea, some kind of doctor, owner of United Spring down the street, snatched up that property for a nudist colony. To build on your success in selling mineral water to New York City, why not have a spa where you can not only drink the water but also bathe in it? Adding many years to your life.

Now you may not have liked Mr. Enea, or Doc as he was called, but you must admit there was some fortiture and propensity, if not fortunsity! To be a Doctor and genealogist in Biotechnology. Did he grow some monster blueberries with Mrs. White of Whitesbog, the first woman or man to grow blueberries. He even made those little plastic baskets that all the fruit comes in nowadays. I still eat them from the garden and they are so juicy! But there was more to this Sicilian Doctor…

When I first moved into this corner of the colony kitty house, I used to see this strange star. He sat low in the sky. Too high for a streetlight that stood on a small hill through the woods. But too short to be any star. Yes, Fort Dix was shooting flares, but these were yellow and they zigzagged and fell in fifteen minutes. No, this stayed motionless in the sky all night, just after sunset. I have seen this star every summer for four years. Then one summer he was gone.

I didn’t think much of it for the next five years, until! My parents left when I was in high school and I invited some friends to a party. Being a little concerned, rough people, we sat outside on the porch. One named Shambo pointed up and looked us all in the eye and said, “Have you ever heard of that alien that got shot trying to escape over a fence at Fort Dix?” I thought he was full of shit. “They captured his ship and were examining it until one day he got fed up and apologized. Well, he got to the fence okay, but no further.” I learned long ago from Pugsley, or Peanut on account of being the first to be caught stealing peanuts or whatever at the new grocery store, to listen to stories and not interrupt them with questions of validity as long as money and money transportation were not part of it. So I listened, though not believing Shambo until…

“Yeah, that alien got shot five years ago!”

Five years ago? No, it can not be. It has been so long! Summer of ’73, yes it has been. These are things that went through my head at that time.

Now the northwest facing window from my bedroom. It’s a bit strange. Now look towards the southwest corner, that’s where I saw the star. Now we know what happened to that. Below is where the doctor burned himself. But in the north corner, that’s where the tower that was supposed to connect to the Hindenburg is located. But we all know what happened before he could do that. The window of destruction.

Now let’s go back to yesterday. I found that MIB mind eraser thing right. I did some research on topographic and aerial maps. They were inspected in the field. Not only were they inspected in the field, but the 1947 aerial map is top secret. 1947 Roswell sighting and all. The USGS office doesn’t even have access to it. Have you ever heard of Whiting, New Jersey? So why should the military do it?

When I was little walking through the swamps behind Docspond, I found PVC pipes coming out of the center of the swamp. Ventilation? A five-year-old mind heads towards underground silos. Could there be men sneaking in here in the middle of the night with lunch boxes to go to work? “Hello Joe”: Good evening, Frank.”; in the swamp. We have a known silo just three miles away. It has been closed since June 7, 1960. A BOMARC missile at McGuire Air Force Base, [near Trenton,] The New Jersey in ready storage condition (allowing launch in two minutes) was destroyed by explosion and fire after a high-pressure helium tank exploded and ruptured the missile’s fuel tanks. The warhead was also destroyed by fire, although the high explosive did not detonate. The nuclear security devices acted as expected. The contamination was restricted to an area immediately below the gun and an adjacent elongated area approximately 100 feet long, caused by fire extinguishing water drainage. Well, the next town on Toms River has radionuclides or something in the water, but not to worry.

The New York Times reported that the 47-foot missile “melted under intense fire fueled by its 100-pound TNT detonator… The atomic warhead apparently fell into the remaining molten mass of the missile, which burned for forty-five minutes.” . .” The radiation “had been caused when the magnesium thoriated metal that forms part of the weapon caught fire…the metal, already radioactive, becomes highly radioactive when burned.”

I think the aliens did this on purpose. To mark the place. You know how a billboard seen from the stars. a lighthouse. Were the Doctor’s nudists Earthlings or not? Was Giovanni Enea more than a recent alien from Sicily, or was he from the stars? You might say New Yorkers might be out of this world, but was he selling his mineral water to Mars? As all scientists know, there is no water on Mars. So who else would need it more than them?

I don’t know how in 1947, three years after the opening of Nature’s Rest Nudist Colony, how they came to meet these aliens. MIB, how did you find out? Was it spied on during normal aerial photography that they saw something strange? High up on Devil’s Mountain from the forest colony is a circle of trees toppled like dominoes. On the outskirts, for a sixteenth of a mile in thick undergrowth, trees have been felled. Now, this was the landing site?

But what brings them here in and around 1940? Well, in 1938, the Hindenburg was the world’s first internationally broadcast news disaster. Now those waves bounce around in space forever. Did you hear it? Did it take you six years to hear it and travel here? In that report it was heard: “In the resort town of Lakehurst, a Manchester boron on the outskirts of Whiting in ..”. Maybe all they cared about was the mention of a resort town. Could this be all that was needed? Did some cosmic Lief Erickson sell some aliens to travel to Whiting NJ? Did the scouting parties report on the United Spring Co drawing water from one of the largest aquifers in North America, the Cohansey-Kirkwood Aquifer? 17 billion tons in Cohansey alone. Where else would you go if you were from Mars and needed water? Have you ever heard of whiting?

So, Doc Enea wasn’t just hated for his car with the black devil of a redneck hood ornament touching your nose, or his clothing-optional style, his intellectual snobbery, or his dangerous choice of fauna for nudists (Honey Locust and Hollies), it but he was hated for allowing illegal aliens to enter.

That explains all the military transports flying low, very low, over the site during all hours of the day. Know!

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