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Why Your Social Media Strategy Isn’t Hitting the Spot (And How You Can Fix It)

Today, a great social media strategy is more important than you ever anticipated. And for anyone who isn’t feeling the pain of his abandonment right now, eventually he will. However, this enlightenment alone is of little use if the social media strategy tools are not used in the desired way. You can be an active player in this game, but the target alone is not enough to help you pass, and sooner or later it will penalize you.

If you’ve been a part of the social media (SM) scene for quite some time but are still waiting to wake up for a picnic, read on to learn why your business isn’t on social media and how to avoid it:

1. Short-term commitment

Social media is fun to begin with, but one of the most common pitfalls seen by companies using social media is a rapid decline in interest. Without regular posts with increasingly useful content, followers will lose interest and become unresponsive. But this is a no sweat deal. To ensure you always keep your followers engaged, make social media account management a part of your daily routine. Also, you don’t necessarily have to spend hours, 10-20 minutes is all it takes to see a noticeable difference. And for anyone who finds it difficult to commit, there are excellent SM management companies that can take care of everything on your behalf.

2. More is not always ideal

Your fans/followers want to be up to date with the latest, but that doesn’t mean you overload them with redundant stuff. While sharing memes and viral content is definitely part of a successful social media strategy, it can’t be random. Posting too much or too little can kill your followers (not literally) and hurt your business. Inform your followers, don’t intimidate them. Creating a perfect balance between the number of posts you should share depends on how interactive the content really is. For example, the social media channels of sports brands must have instant updates, so in that case there is no limit to how much you can share because your followers want to know everything that happens in the world of sports.

3. Post and forget

If there is a lack of engagement on your part towards user comments/questions, know that you have mastered the art of turning off your followers; and this is not good news. You should respect your followers’ time as much as you respect your own. If they are taking the time to answer/ask questions/or seek advice, reciprocate, ALWAYS.

4. Cross-platform publishing

Another unforgivable mistake that companies often make is posting the same content on all platforms. While Twitter celebrates #, many of them can make your Facebook post obnoxious (and, frankly, pointless). Take some time to personalize your descriptors and skip those extra hashtags, adding a touch of professionalism to them. Read about the trends and modify the text to make it more presentable and relevant. This is of paramount importance to your social media strategy.

5. Characteristics of the incomplete milking profile

Detailed parts rarely grab someone’s attention in SM or sometimes they do. Incomplete profiles only speak to your lack of commitment. Whether it’s the ‘about me’ section on Facebook or your ‘timeline’ on Twitter, this is your chance to tell the world what you do and how you do it; make it awesome and write your heart.

6. Text-Only Posts

If you’ve been to SM yourself, it’s obvious that visually creative posts work better than regular text. Visually rich content will attract new followers and keep existing ones entertained. Try and incorporate as many images, videos, charts, infographics, etc. on your posts to see a significant increase in engagement levels. This is one of the most useful features of an effective social media strategy and should be followed religiously.

Whether you have a local business or a global company, having a smart and solid social media strategy will certainly help you grow your customer base and maximize profits. Stay away from the pitfalls mentioned above and use these easy solutions to fix a broken social media campaign.

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