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3 tips for finding land for development

If you are an investor, finding a plot of land to develop is a grueling task. It consumes much time. It is also very challenging in terms of having to compete with other investors who might have found the same ground for their concepts as well. Here are some tips to at least make your task a little easier.

  • Working or dealing with real estate agents on the street

A lot of developments are managed by high street real estate agents on behalf of the companies they work for. If you want your development or concept to be in your sales portfolio, you need to take care of them. Your business proposal should always be ready for presentation. If you have construction in progress, you can bring it to your site. Be very idealistic and vocal about the plans that will shape your development. What they will hear from you or see in your presentations will influence their decisions. Be more competitive because some of them may already have stable contacts with other companies.

  • Use satellite images generated by popular applications.

In fact, technology is here to make things easier for many people. It includes you. Yes, you can use applications that generate satellite images of streets. Through this you can easily find gaps in streets and empty spaces or where some small houses are built next to some vast greens. You can then track these places or at least look for some landmarks. Make an eyepiece in place afterwards. Find people you can talk to about the land. If no people are available to speak, the local government is your trusted source for information.

  • Consult the local planning divisions of the towns or cities that interest you to build your development.

Maximize your time while in town or city hall. Go to the planning division. Ask for information on some brown lands or even green lands that are open for planning and development. Remember that once applications are submitted, they become public records. This means that you can refer to these documents and see for yourself if there is still scope for further developments. If it is not on the same plot of land, perhaps on the adjacent piece.

Finding a piece of land where you can establish buildings, municipalities or even self-build your house can be very exhausting. If at any point you find that you need the help of your local real estate agent, remember that it is only a phone call away.

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