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Hitchhikers, where did they go?

Have you noticed lately, especially after 9/11, that there are actually fewer people trying to hitchhike? Remember we used to see them everywhere on many of the ramps that lead to freeways and freeways. However, I see fewer hitchhikers these days. I think it’s because families are closer together lately after 9/11 and churches are taking over, with more money from more people attending and more people supporting those struggling.

Perhaps hitchhikers are realizing that they have a much better chance of speaking to someone at a gas station or truck stop first hand to actually get a ride, otherwise people are probably less inclined and more reluctant to pick up strangers lately. Real first-hand contact so that people can make a judgment is a better way to go than the few seconds it takes to make a decision while climbing a ramp.

Whatever the case, it appears to be a trend that cannot be easily reversed in the future. Maybe this is a good thing? Was it all horror movies and horror movies? Is it the new attitude of the police who harass them and write little slips with proof of identification? Where did they all go anyway? Do you think about this?

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