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How to Make Your Valentine’s Gift Basket Memorable

You have the checklist in your hands and everything seems to be in place: the basket, wrapping paper, chocolate, candy, a stuffed animal, maybe a gift card, maybe jewelry and then you realize that this has been the same kinds of items your partner sees every 14th of the month since you’ve been together.

Here are 5 items you can include that are sure to make this year’s gift basket a keeper:

1. A poem or anything that unleashes the inner poet in you – “I made this basket especially for you, to show that I can work for such a true love.” You know you can do better than that! Don’t copy the Hallmark style of an overly intricate word arrangement. Do it your way, even if it doesn’t turn out very well or rhymes very well, your partner is sure to appreciate the thought and effort that came with your “poem.”

2. Photos of you made funny or romantically arranged – You can collect photos or print them if you are on your phone or PC and then create fun designs like speech bubbles or funny add-ons; you can even use Photoshop if you know how. You can also create romantics by arranging it with hearts, flowers, or love quotes. It will surely be a surprise to hear the laughter and see the smiles when those moments are remembered.

3. For him: Are you a wine lover? Do you love a particular sport like climbing or hiking? He likes videogames? If you know what she wants, you will know what to wear that she will like. But how will you make it memorable? Go online, ask your friends, check the store, and look for items that are not commonly associated with what you like, but are still a part of it. You will be surprised how you knew those connections between his hobby and his passion. If, for example, you like baseball, look for baseball cards that you never thought you could find. That moment of bewilderment is definitely something to look forward to!

Four. For her: It may be time to venture into the twilight zone of the mall’s cosmetics department, women’s shoe and sandal store, specialty lingerie store, and other places where you’d never want your friends to find you with their hands. in the mass. It’s time to go beyond flowers and chocolates. You will really see the joy in her eyes once you see her mascara, lipstick, sandals, and even her favorite colored nightgown.

5. Tickets to a show or concert: If your partner thinks that your Valentine’s Day gift basket is the last thing you have for that special day, it will be a pleasure to know that there will be another time when you can bond afterwards. enjoying the goodies in the basket. It will also give the impression that it is not just a one-time commitment, but an ongoing one; after all, you’ll still have a concert to attend.

Surely, that smile and sparkling eyes of your partner are worth all the expense and trouble you will go through to make the gift basket truly one of a kind. After all, love is priceless.

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