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How to record digital audio without doing a phone interview

Anyone can record an interview over the phone using very inexpensive equipment. Here in use, I would recommend that you buy a simple microphone that you can pick up at an electronics store like RadioShack.

If you have a computer, you can connect that microphone to your computer’s microphone jack.

Next, look for free or inexpensive software where you just click the play button on your software and start speaking into your computer’s microphone.

If you are a professional and experienced, you can talk about your audio products into the microphone without having to interview another person.

And once done, you can save that recording as a digital mp3 file or wav file.

Then save that file to a folder on your computer. If you want, you can perform simple editing of the audio file. Once you edit and save the recorded audio, you now have an audio information product.

You now have valuable information on your property. You’ve taken ideas and maybe case studies and experience and captured it forever.

You have that experience in an audio recording that can be very useful to you.

You can use this recording as a free download to educate potential prospects. You can put the recording on a CD or have it transcribed into a word-for-word transcript.

Or this experience can be sold and distributed without actually having to be there or delivered face-to-face or one-on-one.

Recorded audio is the most powerful marketing known to man.

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