Protect Your Apple Watch With Apple Watch Cases Wholesale Supplier

Apple Watch Cases Wholesale Supplier

Apple Watches are incredibly tough devices, but even so, they can be susceptible to nicks and scratches, especially those with aluminum or stainless steel cases. Those who live an active lifestyle may wish to protect their device with a case that wraps around the body. Unfortunately, the market for these accessories is rife with false promises and flimsy junk that may barely protect your device or overpower its understated design with overly gaudy embellishments.

Fortunately, the right protective case can help protect your smartwatch while adding some style and functionality. This list highlights some of the best options available.

The Casetify Impact case is a great example of a slim and durable accessory that adds character to any apple watch cases wholesale supplier iteration, even the Series 4 and earlier. It has a sleek matte finish that looks great, plus an aluminum bezel with matching colors to the case for an added pop of color. The Casetify is also partially made from upcycled phone cases, making it eco-friendly as well.

This case hugs your Apple Watch tightly and wraps around the back, but leaves perfectly-sized cutouts to let the sensors do their jobs. It’s available for every Apple Watch iteration, including the latest Series 6 and older, and even fits most non-Apple band straps. While the case covers the buttons, it doesn’t impede their function and the screen remains sensitive to touch. It’s worth noting that the case isn’t swim-proof, so you’ll need to remove it before going for a swim.

Protect Your Apple Watch With Apple Watch Cases Wholesale Supplier

Another great option for those who live an active lifestyle is the Element Case Special Ops Apple Watch case, which combines a protective case with a full watchband in either a black/red or olive-green/black design. The Special Ops line is marketed as a rugged and tactical design, and the case/band combo can be used with any Series 7 or 8 Apple Watch, as long as you don’t have the special water-proof version of the watch.

As you can see, the market for protective cases for the Apple Watch is wide and varied. There are many false advertising claims and flimsy junk out there, but you can find quality products that fit your needs as well as your budget.

While not the best protection option available, the Rhino Shield Bumper offers plenty of scratch protection without weighing you down. The thin, soft polymer wraps around the outer perimeter of your Apple Watch, and is like wrapping it in a little pillow fort to protect it from dings and nicks. The 1.2mm ridge surrounding the display should help deflect random bumps and errant barbells from scratching your glass, too. The bumper also helps prevent sweat from getting trapped under your Apple Watch’s display, which can lead to bubbles. The only downside is that you’ll need to use a separate screen protector as the bumper doesn’t include one. However, it’s still a good choice if you want to save money on a more expensive protective case that includes a screen protector.

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