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Take a stroll along America’s best boardwalks

If you’re lucky enough to live nearby or are visiting an area where there’s a boardwalk, go for a walk. There is much to do and enjoy in them. Viewpoints TV lists some of the best boardwalks in the United States.

East Coast Favorites

The East Coast is a region where people who love to hear their feet walking up or down a boardwalk can enjoy a walk of up to 6 miles or as little as one mile. No matter how long or short the hike is, there is nothing more fun than a leisurely ride on one.

Atlantic City Boardwalk, NJ – It’s not called the “grandfather of boardwalks” for nothing. Built in the late 1800s to keep sand off your feet from reaching the shops, today’s boardwalk is a 4-mile walk past flashy casinos, tawdry hotels, card rooms and some of the best dining on the coast East. Viewpoints TV suggests trying a funnel cake after eating a slice of authentic Italian pizza.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina Boardwalk – A new boardwalk featuring cool souvenir shops, live nightly entertainment, and great southern food. It’s nearly a mile and a half long and beachgoers can enjoy bagpipers, jugglers and other independent performers.

Virginia Beach, VA Boardwalk – One of the few boardwalks where people can rent bikes and ride them on a separate bike path alongside the rides filled with entertainment, games, and food. It also has the iconic stature of King Neptune where people can have their photo taken.
the west coast

The West Coast also has its share of boardwalks. The two mentioned below have been able to maintain their artistic roots even as the wealthy have acquired beachfront properties and tried to make them more exclusive. But true boardwalk lovers know that it’s the cheesy character of a boardwalk that makes it special.

Ocean Walk Front, Venice, CA – If you haven’t taken the time to visit this eclectic promenade, you’re missing out on some of the most creative art in the country. Walkers also have the opportunity to sit in one of the bistros and watch the muscular men work out. It still maintains its bohemian personality.

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, CA – is a state historic landmark that is over 100 years old and features a wooden roller coaster and other rides from the past. It stretches across Monterey Bay and offers free concerts on Friday nights.

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