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The downsides of jealousy in relationships

Getting the perfect partner in a perfect relationship is not impossible. But by means of the word “perfect”, it does not mean that they are the complete pieces of the puzzle as everyone wants them to be. Instead, it could be full of flaws. However, for you it is perfect. It’s more about how you want it to be. It’s more about having a relationship that suits your personality and lifestyle. In short, it’s more about having a partner that you can call your soulmate.

However, problems are always part of a relationship. So, before achieving that perfect state that you wanted, experiencing sacrifices, trials and difficulties is the best teacher for you to say that you have learned to be better. Some of these tests come and go. Some stick around for a long time and put their relationship to the test, while others disappear like a bubble.

One of the problems your relationship may face is this big word, jealousy. No matter how understanding and caring you are in your relationship, jealousy is a normal feeling that you will face. There is nothing to disturb at all. However, it should not be taken for granted either. It’s healthy for you to feel that jealousy, but there could be downsides if it is ignored over time.

Here are some details about it:

There is paranoia. If you are the jealous partner and you decided not to solve it in the shortest time possible, this could lead to some serious issues. This could not only affect you emotionally, but also physically and mentally. If you are hiding that feeling of jealousy for yourself, you will tend to think about it over and over again to the point where you cannot get over it. This could greatly affect your body. Since a paranoid person lacks sleep and does not like to eat, weakness and drowsiness are manifested during the day. A paranoid person is less likely to engage in activities that excite them. Just think about what the couple might be doing or thinking. This could lead to severe anxiety and depression.

A routine is spoiled. On the other hand, if you have a jealous partner, it is very difficult for you to maintain a free relationship. Handling a jealous partner is like handling high-end glass chandeliers with care. A jealous partner is very delicate and sensitive to feelings. Make sure you don’t annoy your partner by giving her doubts and ideas that make her jealous. It is expected that because of this behavior, your daily routine before is no longer a routine. Changing schedules to meet the needs of your jealous partner would be necessary as a start to solving this type of problem in your relationship.

You have to prove yourself every day. Having a jealous partner means having to show them that you are faithful and loyal. This could mean trying it forever. This point may suck for you, but it is reality. This is more difficult if you really made a mistake in your relationship. Trust is an important component and once that trust is gone because of what you did wrong, it is very difficult to regain it. So if this means showing yourself that you are sorry every day just to improve your relationship again, do it. If you haven’t done anything wrong in the past, but still have a mandate to prove your loyalty, talking about this with your partner through serious talk may be the best solution for now.

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