World of Warcraft Cataclysm 1-525 Leveling Mining Guide

I’ve been running World of Warcraft Cataclsym since it released, and I have 3 level 525 miners. One of them was a new miner who took up the profession after the expansion released, and the other two were sitting at 425 when it released. . You will find that there are many new locations to do your mining and some great locations to get your mining skill points very quickly.

The biggest advice I can give you, if you are planning to mine nodes up to 525, is to get the fastest flying mount you can, this will speed up your journey and increase the amount of mining skills you will get. get.

The first level is copper, mining levels 1-65. For horde characters, the best place is the Tirisfal glades. If you circle around the outside of the map, you’ll get all the skill points you need quickly. For alliance Characters, the best place in Dun Morogh, this is the starting location of the dwarves. If you roam the outside of the map, you should only need to do 2-3 rounds before your skill points max out for this range.

The next level is 66-125 and you will search for tin and silver nodes. If you find copper or a lesser node at any point in the game, mine it, as they count as a node and will stop one of the nodes you seek from spawning. The best place for this is Hillsbrad Foothills. If you circle the outside of the Alterac Ruins, it won’t take long to get all the nodes you need to get to skill level 125.

By going to the next level, your skill level will go from 125 to 175 and you will be mining iron and gold. The western Plaguelands has to be a great choice for this location, and also just north of Hillsbrad Foothills. Again, if you circle along the mountain ridges on the outside of the map, you should only need 2-3 circles around the map to max out your mining at 175.

The next level will take you up to 230. The best place to mine at this level is Felwood. as usual just circle around the outside of the map and you will get your skill points very quickly.

The next location to reach 275 is Silithus, it’s a fairly boxy area, but high up are the mining nodes, and you’ll be able to get in and out of this area very quickly. Again, as long as you fly around the mountain ridges on the sides of the map (they look like a big square in this area), it won’t take long.

Next, we move to Hellfire Peninsula. We’ll be mining fel iron up to 325, I just make a little circle around the left side of the map. When you look at the map, you will see on the left side. , there is a box shape of mountains, as long as you circle the inside of them you will get as many mining nodes as you can handle. The right side of the map is a waste of time and should be avoided.

Mining 326-400 we will be mining adamantite in Nagrand this is really the only location to mine for this skill range and nodes are also pretty rare to pluck this will be a bit slow but as long as you do it around the outside of the map shouldn’t take that long.

From 400 to 450 we will be mining cobalt nodes and rich cobalt nodes in Howling Fjord. The Cobalt nodes will take you up to 400, and the normal ones will take you up to 375. You just need to fly along the left side of the coast and the right side of the island, when you are at the top, go back. at first, the path you will take will look like a triangle pointing downward.

For skill levels 450-475, you will be mining for saronite in the Sholazar Basin. This will be very fast, as long as you’re flying circles around the outside of the map, it won’t take long to get to 450. And move on to the Obsidium Mining nodes from the Cataclysm expansion. The best location is mount hyjal. If you follow the path from the area at the location, all the way to the Sothann Gates, and then circle around Sulfuron Spire, and fly back the same way, you’ll be able to get in and out of the area in less than 30 minutes with skills in hand.

From 475 to 525, well this one is very simple, twilight highlands, fly down one side of the river, and when you get to the end, fly down the other side, you will find there are a lot of mining nodes in this area and you can do a fortune very quickly.

One thing to note is that you don’t have to run around mining nodes to get your skill points, you can sniff your way up to 525 if you do it correctly. There are only a few skill points that you will need to go out and mine at, which cannot be passed, the two areas being skill level 340-350 and skill level 375-425. While that’s 65 skill points, that means that out of the 525 skill points, that’s 460 nodes that you won’t need to mine at all. If you level up a character, or use a leveling guide to go from level 1 to 85, or level 80 to 85, you’ll find that you’ll get more than enough gold to work your way up to the rest.

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