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Are Falken tires good?

Wondering if Falken tires are good? Many people may have come across the Falken brand while shopping, or a professional recommended Falken tires to them, although not many have heard of the brand before. Falken is not a household name like Firestone or Bridgestone, but it is certainly a great choice for anyone looking for quality passenger tires or UHP (ultra high performance) tires. Falken isn’t new to the business, either – a subsidiary of Sumitomo Tires, Falken has been gaining market share in North America since 1985.

Falken can be considered a mid-range option that offers an attractive balance between quality and price. Falken currently has a wide selection of tires, including the racetrack-inspired Azenis series and the FK452 luxury sports line. In the all-season performance category is the popular Ziex ZE912, which is designed to improve grip, traction and handling in all types of weather conditions. Those looking for light truck tires can’t go wrong with the Falken S / TZ04, which comes in all of the most popular sizes to fit today’s light trucks and sport utility vehicles.

In addition to its tire inventory, Falken also manufactures wheels for passenger cars, trucks and SUVs. Falken currently has 19 different models that come in chrome and black colors to match whatever scheme you are looking for.

Falken Tire also has interesting plans for the future. At the end of 2009, the company has set its sights on developing rugged off-road tires, winter performance tires and premium touring tires aimed at enthusiasts. If Falken can successfully design and manufacture these niche tires, expect them to gain even greater market share in the near future.

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