How to Tell If a Marcasite Necklace is Genuine Or a Replica

Marcasite Necklace is Genuine Or a Replica

Marcasite, a form of Pyrite, is a precious stone that has been used in jewelry for centuries. Unlike diamonds, the stones aren’t expensive and are often found in vintage pieces. Usually, marcasite is paired with sterling silver to create an intricate design that reflects the beauty of this semi-precious gemstone. The best marcasite jewellery is characterized by the way it is set and the size of the stones. It is important to avoid pieces that are too small or dingy in color.

Marcate is a mineral that resembles gold or silver, so it can be difficult to tell the difference between genuine and fake marcasite necklaces. Authentic marcasite, crafted in cabochons, is cut into rounded or angular shapes and is usually shiny black, brown, or greenish-black. Authentic marcasite also has a duller shine than most gemstones.

The first step to identifying real marcasite is examining the back of the piece. Old marcasite pieces were set with tiny bits of sterling that looked like they held the stones in place. In contrast, newer or cheaper marcasite was cemented in and resembled a bead. If the piece you’re looking at is a newer or cheap version of this style, you can often tell that it’s not real by using a magnet. Steel is magnetic, so a magnet will attract the tiny pieces of metal that are used to make up the jewelry.

How to Tell If a Marcasite Necklace is Genuine Or a Replica

If the piece you’re looking at is older, look for a stamp on the base plate. Older marcasite was often stamped “925”. This can be very helpful if you’re trying to tell a piece of jewelry that is real marcasite from one that is not.

It is also important to take into consideration the type of stone and metal used in a piece of marcasite jewellery when cleaning it. The stone is moderately soft and brittle, so it’s important not to soak or brush too vigorously. Also, it is best to avoid harsh domestic cleaners that may damage the stone or tarnish the silver.

When a piece of marcasite is cleaned, it should be gently wiped with a clean cloth wetted in warm water. This helps to remove dirt and dislodge any clumps of dust that are stuck on the surface. Excessive scrubbing or brushing can also scratch or distort the delicate marcasite. Lastly, it’s important to dry the piece before putting it away as moisture can cause marcasite to tarnish quickly. This is why it’s important to store marcasite jewelry in a low humidity area. Keeping it away from other metals and substances, such as wooden jewellery boxes, is also helpful.

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