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Recaps: Complete the work in its entirety

For many brands and services, summaries are one of the most useful ways customers can receive data related to your product. Summaries answer important questions. Are they reaching their target demographic? Is your product perhaps attractive to a market that they had not thought of? Is the product well received by the consumer? What is the gender and age range of your average buyer? These are just a few concepts; the benefit of recap is honestly infinite, but this may give you an idea of ​​its importance. Summaries are essentially a client’s bird’s-eye view of an event and how it unfolded. You want to create a summary that makes the reader feel like they are there. First of all, images are of the utmost importance. While the old phrase says that “a picture is worth a thousand words”, when it comes to promotional marketing, it could only be a million. Photos not only allow the client to see what a place was like and what the models and consumers looked like, but they can also be used for marketing purposes. Whether that means a social media post, use in print advertising like flyers, specials and the like, or even website use; Good photos with great product placement, showing customers enjoying a product, are invaluable to brands. This photo isn’t just about having hot models in the picture, it’s about making sure everything is perfect, from avoiding backlight, selecting attractive backgrounds for photos, to making sure there are absolutely no competing brands. in photos, as signage or even someone wearing an item of clothing that advertises a competitor. Always make sure that each photo provides a small snapshot of a moment in time during an event – a moment when everyone was having a good time! Also remember, if any expenses were incurred that are expected to be reimbursed, an itemized receipt was photographed and uploaded. Showing a client that you respect their money starts your working relationship off on the right foot.

Just as important as having good photos is accurate demographics. A summary may not always ASK for the gender and age range of consumers who tried a product, visited a booth, or participated in an experience, but keep track of this throughout your event and add them anyway . These numbers are extremely important to target consumers. Every product in the world has a well thought out target demographic, and these categories are endless. Some products are even marketed to the entire general public, and even within that, there are subcategories that the marketing subtly caters to. Whether you’re working for a fitness product marketed to a health and wellness crowd, or a laid-back, easy-drinking beer marketed to young men in their twenties and thirties, pay attention to who you’re interacting with. and what they have to do. say about the product. Your input can show a client an entire untapped market that is showing interest in your product, because after all, promotional models and brand ambassadors are the eyes and ears of a product in the field!

Perhaps the most important thing of all when creating a summary is informing your client about your sales! Showcasing your value in the form of sales data sets you apart from the crowd. Think of this as your biggest resume brag! Keep track of what sold while you were working and what specials (if any) were going on. For example; Taco Tuesday special on tequila, or special rate for products purchased there at the fair, or limited time offer. You must know; as well as the regular price of these items. This will help you inform consumers that they are getting a deal when buying the product right now, and it will show your customer how well the special offers and other marketing tactics went with the consumer. Remember that you are there to drive sales, but more importantly, to create a relationship between consumers and the product, as the face of this product. Yes, you want to sell this product today, but you also want to create a lifetime buyer from the customers you interact with.

Lastly, be sure to document consumer feedback. Try to avoid recapitulating comments like “This is so good!” or “You girls are so pretty!” These are not useful pieces of information about the product. Instead, use comments like, “I love that this ultralight beer has only half the calories of the original, and it all tastes the same!” Tell customers which products your consumers already liked or didn’t care about, such as “I really wanted to try these new wine coolers, I know this company is known for their beer and I’m not a beer drinker.” , but these refreshing fruity drinks are something I WILL buy!” or “I love the daily face cream I use from this company, but this new hand lotion is too fragrant for me.” Those comments help a customer see how their product is received, if it should continue and where it can improve target their marketing tactics if they don’t reach the market they want to reach maybe they can now capitalize on female drinkers with their new carbonated wine coolers, or maybe they can targeting a younger audience for a fragrant hand lotion that may not be well received by the target demographic of the brand’s other products Don’t be afraid to include negative comments in your summary, just make sure it’s done with an explanation and make it constructive. If a consumer tries a product and doesn’t like it, ask them why they don’t like it and be sure to add it to the summary. Comments like “This is not good” are not helpful to anyone.

It’s important to remember that a summary is a client’s “bird’s eye view” of an event when they can’t be there. Documenting even the smallest details separates a mediocre summary from a great summary. The more the customer knows, the better he will be able to understand his consuming public and their needs and desires. Promotional models and Brand Ambassadors function almost like secret spies, providing first-hand insight into the customer experience. By providing a client with an outstanding brief, you’re finishing the job you started when you booked the event. You wouldn’t leave work early, so don’t hand in a sub-par resume! By following the guidelines above, make sure you turn in comprehensive and useful summaries, and it will give you a head start on getting booked again and again!

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