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Hidden Italy: discover the beautiful Abruzzo

Until recently, there was a beautiful part of Italy that was less explored and undiscovered by the rest of the world: the hidden Italy was found in the stunning region of Abruzzo.

Don’t get me wrong, Abruzzo was a region well known to Italians who secretly enjoyed the delights of this mountainous part of Italy and kept Abruzzo a secret…but as more cheap flight operators open up our horizons, Abruzzo it has been infiltrated by the rest of us with regular international flights now arriving at the Aeroporto di Pescara, which is the gateway to the entire region.

Located in central east Italy and bordered on the east by the beautiful Adriatic Sea, Abruzzo is two-thirds spectacular mountains and one-third national park: it is a region blessed with stunning sandy beaches, spectacular cliffs, snow-capped mountains, and medieval towns, wide plains, amazing castles and an abundance of rare flora and fauna, and on top of all these fantastic delights there is the news that properties for sale in this part of Italy start from as little as USD 40,000 (GBP 20,000) .

It’s true: the fact that Abruzzo has been hidden from the mass glare of overseas property hunters and speculators, international retirees and those looking for a vacation home in Italy means you can buy a beachfront villa for very little. little money, a country farmhouse that needs renovation to next to nothing, and a rare and beautiful medieval town house that would sell for millions of thousands of dollars elsewhere in Europe for the same price as a one-bedroom apartment anywhere else in Europe. Italy.

The demand for property for sale in Abruzzo in Italy, especially among British and German buyers, has increased and the demand from tourists to rent ski properties in the winter and sunny houses in the summer has also increased and suddenly the Abruzzo region in Italy has awakened from its reverie. and realized that it is in demand and has a lot to offer.

Of course, the intensification of tourism and buyer interest will have an overall positive effect on property prices in the medium term, but in the meantime, anyone who has ever dreamed of a Tuscan country house or villa on the coast Italy’s should visit Abruzzo as an alternative destination that offers a host of delights while remaining an affordable option with a host of beautiful properties.

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